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9 Sweatshirts You Can Actually Get Away With in the Real World


Sweatshirt (n.): a cozy yet shapeless top worn by college students in times of immense stress, especially cold weather, and/or everyday laziness. Often these pieces of clothing must be retired by post-collegiettes, unless wearing one of the following 9 options.

1. Tie-waist

This tie-waist sweatshirt from Madewell ($69.50) explores an entirely new silhouette that has us intrigued. We’d even dare say it’s work appropriate.

2. Spotted

Every real world girl needs a little animal print—as seen on this Gap sweatshirt ($49.95)—in her wardrobe.

3. Geometric

This geometric, loose-fit sweatshirt from Romwe ($14.67) adds a pop of color to any outfit.

4. Statement maker

Another Romwe find, this French-inspired top ($17) pairs perfectly with your favorite denim.

5. Sequined

Rarely do we think of sweatshirts as party attire, but this sparkly, sequined and floral option from J. Crew ($78) proves to be the exception.

6. Beyoncé-approved


If Beyoncé wore it, you can, too. Get the very same Kale sweatshirt from Suburban Riot ($64).

7. Sleeveless

For the majority of ladies who've never had a sweatshirt they felt truly sexy in, meet REVOLVE Clothing’s mesh muscle sweatshirt ($76).

8. Textured

How do you take a boring old sweatshirt and up the chic factor? Give it an unexpected chevron texture, like the one on this steal from Forever 21 ($12.99). Voilà!

9. Fiercely femme

Girl power never goes out of style, especially with this Two Songs top ($88).

Would you ever consider wearing sweatshirts in the real world?

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