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5 Things You Can Get for Free With Your Student ID


If you haven’t already realized, the “poor college student” isn’t just a stereotype! After shelling out big bucks on dorm supplies, a fabulous back-to-school wardrobe and the infamous load of college textbooks, chances are you probably won’t have a ton of cash left over for the random incidentals of college life, like late-night pizza delivery and the occasional shopping spree.

To ensure that you can afford that doorstopper of a chemistry book as well as a date night on the town, Her Campus is here to show you how your student ID can get you tons of amazing stuff at absolutely no cost to you! A college budget doesn’t have to mean missing out, and if you take advantage of the freebies available to students, you really can have it all. 

1. The Washington Post online

The Washington Post offers free digital access with any college email address (ending in .edu), so you can be up to date on all of the latest news the next time your friends are having a political debate in the dining hall.

2. A free drink at Chipotle

The beloved chain offers a free soft drink with the purchase of any meal when you show your student ID, so you can keep your wallet as well as your stomach happy.

3. A free drink at Qdoba

Qdoba offers the same deal as Chipotle, providing customers with a student ID a free soft drink with any meal purchase. So regardless of which Mexican chain you choose, you’ll be getting some sweet rewards!

4. A free drink at Chick-fil-A

If Chick-fil-A is more your style than Mexican cuisine, you’re in luck! The delicious chain also offers a free drink when you order a meal and flash your student ID at checkout. So many choices!

5. Six months of Amazon Prime

Amazon offers a free six-month subscription to Amazon Prime with a valid college student email address (ending in .edu), and then 50 percent off of your Amazon Prime subscription after that initial six months. This means you’ll receive exclusive discounts for students as well as free two-day shipping your orders, meaning the last-minute Halloween costume you picked out will arrive on campus with plenty of time to spare.

The day-to-day necessities of college can be expensive, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the most of your college experience. With a little help from your handy-dandy student ID (and Her Campus, of course!) you’ll have the best year yet without breaking the bank. Check out our article on 38 stores with student discounts for even more ways to save!

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