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What Guys Want for Valentine’s Day, as Told by a Guy


Unfortunately, I’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day alone this year, but year in and year out, I see girls rushing to the drugstore at the last minute to pick up some kind of gift for their boyfriends (chocolates, gift cards… I even saw a girl pick up flowers for a guy one time). Year in and year out, I find myself thinking the same thing: do girls really think their guys actually want these things?

I’ll be honest, outside of classroom parties and childhood Valentine’s Day cards, I’ve never actually gotten a Valentine’s Day gift… which is weird, because I’m moderately attractive and at least kind of charming, or so I’ve been told. So what do I know about giving gifts on the most loving day of the year? I know that women often have a hard time finding really great things to get men, and I know what guys would like, so I guess that’s all I really need to know.

So what are some awesome things to get your man-friend this year? Well, that depends on how much you want to spend… and I’m only kind of kidding. Valentine’s Day isn’t Christmas, so I wouldn’t spring for anything too expensive. Besides, he should be getting you the nice things, right?


$5 – $19

Has he been ranting and raving about a recent album lately? CDs and movies are great ideas for gifts. Not only are they things he’ll enjoy watching or listening to, they’re also things you can watch or listen to together. My suggestions?

Option A:Mind over Matter ($13.99): Young the Giant’s second studio album was released on January 21, and if your guy enjoys good music, then it’s a safe bet that he would like this album.

Option B: If he’s not a huge fan of Young the Giant, I might suggest Childish Gambino’s new album, Because the Internet ($9.99).


$20 – $39

If your boyfriend is anything like me, he might be looking for a new set of barware. A decent set of cocktail or beer glasses can run between $20 and $30 at a store like Target. If he’s not a drinker (or isn’t of drinking age), I might suggest a good case for his phone. Be warned, though; phone cases and ties are very similar in that guys can be pretty particular about what they look like. Unless you really know his tastes, don’t take the risk. Or, take the risk anyway and give him a gift receipt just in case.

Option A:Threshold Short Tumblers (Set of Four) ($19.99): I saw these at Target before Christmas and made sure to put them on my wish list. These glasses have super heavy bottoms, and they fit perfectly in your hand, which means they’re perfect for a nice post-work drink. Get these and I guarantee he’ll thank you profusely. 

Option B:Carbon Case for iPhone 5/5s ($35): What’s sexier than a nice, black phone case? Maybe your guy is constantly dropping his phone, or maybe you want to rid him of a childish case. Either way, this sleek, hard case is a perfect choice for the modern man.


$40 – $50

We’re already looking forward to spring break, so you should start preparing your guy for the soon-to-come sun. Sunglasses are always a good idea, especially if they’re not $5-bargain-bin ones. If you aren’t feeling sunglasses, maybe you’d consider letting him brew his own beer? Hey, you could even make it a couple’s project and brew it together!

Option A:Tommy Hilfiger Aviator Sunglasses ($46.99): Even during the winter, the sun can be utterly blinding. What better way to save your man from eye damage than getting him a super nice pair of classic aviators for Valentine’s Day? All the better to see you with, after all.

Option B:Chocolate Maple Porter Beer Making Kit ($40): What do people get for Valentine’s Day? Chocolate. What do men love? Maple syrup. Take a shot at combining the two and spring for a beer-making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop. Adult science!


Not everything comes down to monetary value, though. I want to take the time to remind women that we men have feelings as well. Most of us put a fair amount of work into our relationships because we enjoy them, and because we enjoy you. If you can’t afford to buy your guy something, take the time to make something with your own two hands, even if it’s just a silly, crayon-drawn picture. DIY gifts are almost always going to be more appreciated than something you bought him just because you felt like you had to (unless you bought him a PlayStation 4). At the very least, find a way to let him know that you care about him, even if it just means hanging out on the couch with him all day.

You could also bake us cookies, but that’s totally up to you.

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