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Is Your College Town One of the Friendliest in America?


When you’re walking through the quad on your way to class, do your classmates stop and say hi? Do you make small talk with people in line at the local coffee shop? If so, your college town may be one of the friendliest in America.

This super cool app, Skout, which helps you meet new people and expand your social circle, recently reviewed 12 months of data among 18-24 year olds using its app to uncover the country’s friendliest college towns. Skout looked at the average number of connections its users made with friends on a daily basis to assemble this list of the friendliest college towns in America. Did your town make the list?


10. Dallas, TX


9. Philadelphia, PA


8. Phoenix, AZ


7. Boulder, CO

Oh, and FYI: Skout found that the friendliest college-age guys are in Boulder!


6. San Francisco, CA


5. Chicago, IL


4. Ann Arbor, MI


3. New York. NY


2. Los Angeles, CA

The most generous college-age adults in the U.S. are in Los Angeles. Young adults in LA share more virtual gifts with friends within the Skout app than all the college-age adults in Boston, Miami, Chicago and Dallas combined.


1. Madison, WI

Skout also found that the friendliest college-age women are in Madison!

In case you’re wondering—Boston, the ultimate college town with over 100 colleges and universities within its metro area, came in 12th on Skout’s list.

We can all agree that friends easily make or break your college experience—way before classes or exam grades. Make college count with Skout, the app that allows you to meet people and expand your squad. If you’re looking for your people, this app makes it easy. Sign us up! 

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