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'The Mindy Project' Premiere, as told by Kelly from 'The Office'


The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The Mindy Project premiere is officially on Hulu! Here’s a breakdown of the episode’s top moments, narrated by The Office’s Kelly Kapoor—because naturally she’d have a lot to say about it.

The premiere picked up right where the season three finale left off, with Danny showing up to meet Mindy’s parents in India.

And while we hoped he was there to ask permission to propose, he really wants to convince them of something else entirely—he loves Mindy but marriage is just not for him.

While Danny is conveniently spooked by Mindy’s dad and decides to pretend he’s simply Mindy’s concerned co-worker, Dr. L is dreaming of an alternate universe where Joseph Gordon-Levitt—or as he exists here, Real Housewives producer Matt—is her husband. And Mindy thinks this is pretty much her perfect life.

Back in the real world, her parents are setting up an arranged marriage. Hoping to track down Dr. C and knock some sense into him, Morgan arrives in India—after a brief detour in Pakistan. But once he realizes Danny is lying to Mindy’s parents, he provides the perfect candidate for their daughter: a hot Indian widower who used to tour as a dancer with Michael Jackson.

But although Mindy is loving married life in her dream, she finds it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Because she and Matt have an open relationship, and she’s sleeping with Brendan Deslaurier.

And to beat it all, Danny is dating Freida Pinto.

Mindy realizes she and Danny are meant to be together—even in her alternate reality dream, and she admits this to him.

Sadly, Danny runs and Mindy is hit by a bus, waking from her Sliding Doors-esque dream.

Danny—having convinced Mindy’s parents he will love their daughter regardless of whether they’re married or not—is waiting there for her… with an engagement ring!

Turns out, it took meeting Mindy's parents—happily married for 40 years—for Dr. Dan to realize he’s willing to give that whole husband thing another go. Which means we’re getting a WEDDING!

Did you love the Mindy premiere as much as we did, collegiettes? 

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