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7 Fall Weekend Activities That Will Get You Off Campus


Vibrantly colored leaves, hot apple cider and corn mazes—there’s no doubt that fall is the prettiest time of year, especially on college campuses. But while it’s tempting to stay inside your dorm room studying, your college town and surrounding area likely have a myriad of fun fall activities that you can do on the weekend either alone or with friends. Trust us—it’ll be a great palette cleanser after spending the week in the library, and it would be criminal to stay inside this time of year! Lace up your favorite boots, pack a bag and get ready for your best weekends yet. We teamed up with premium boot brand SOREL to give you our picks for the best ways to get moving this fall.

1. Go apple picking  

Call it the classic autumn activity. Grab your sorority sisters, your boyfriend or your bestie and hit up your local orchard. Whether you’re in New England or the Midwest, apple orchards have everything from drool-worthy cider doughnuts to scenic farm landscapes. The best part? You’ll leave with a heaping bag of Honeycrisps and Jonathans. Perfect for a post-outing pie! Skip your basic flats and put on some SOREL boots. SOREL is known for its iconic style and legendary craftsmanship. We especially love the Out N’ About style in sage and black. Don’t let rainy days deter you from apple picking! These boots are made for mud and muck.

2. Shop local at a farmers market

It’s time to ditch your campus grocer this fall (Trust us, it’s overpriced anyway). Farmers markets are a goldmine of deliciousness—get everything from your usual produce and bread to specialty items like nut butters, meat, pickles and jams. You’ll be supporting local farmers and businesses and you’ll likely find a new must-have staple for your pantry.

3. Build a bonfire

Put those Girl Scout skills to work: Bonfires are a great way to keep the outdoor party going even when the temperature outside gets cool. If you go to school in a city, you may have to drive a bit, but locate your closest campground and all the firewood you can get. Be sure to bring marshmallows and blankets!

4. Take a hike

There’s literally nothing better than crisp fall air. Ditch the library and go on a hike at a local trail. If you’re lucky enough to go to school near a national park, be sure to stop there, too. Not only are hikes a great way to reconnect with nature after spending all week in a classroom, but it’s also one of our favorite forms of exercise. Be sure to bring some homemade trail mix!

5. Get lost in a corn maze

While you’re at your local apple orchard, stop by the corn maze—we swear they’re not just for kids. Team up and challenge your friends to see who can get to the other side first.

6. Rent a cabin in the woods

There’s nothing more romantic than getting cozy in a cabin on a crisp September night. Plan a special overnight date for you and your SO or a fun sleepover party for your girls. Roast s’mores outside and go on refreshing morning walks—we promise it’ll be a weekend to remember. Keep your feet warm with SORELMajor Carly boots—they’re  functional yet bold with style.

7. Go on a hayride

Trek to your local pumpkin patch and go on a hayride. It’s a great way to meet new people and an even better way to bond with old friends—it’ll remind you of your childhood! Be sure to bring a steaming hot cup of apple cider to keep you warm!Definitely take a break from the daily hustle of campus and be inspired by the great outdoors. We know we’ll be donning our SOREL boots—they look great marching on fall foliage and all the way back to the classroom.

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