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9 Game-Changing Tampon Hacks You Didn't Know You Needed


Tampons aren't exactly the most glamorous thing you own and if you could do without them, you would. But not so fast! There are actually plenty of alternative uses for that box of Tampax—some of them more realistic than others. Here's our guide to a whole new kind of repurposing.

1. Personalize your room

The days of sheepishly concealing your tampons are over—now you can display them loud and proud as multicolored dorm decor!

2. Hang them from the ceiling

This chandelier, made entirely out of tampons, is perfect for when you're ready to graduate to a more—ahem—sophisticated interior.

3. Release your anger and frustration

We will NEVER get over the 1D split.

4. Filter mucky water

Totally not kidding—a tampon stuffed into the neck of a plastic bottle will clear up your water, according to Business Insider. Then all you need to do is boil it up to get rid of germs!

5. Stop your nosebleed

Method guaranteed by Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum.

6. Craft a unique Halloween costume

Who hasn't dreamt of shooting sanitary products at their cat costume-clad friends, amirite? Find the full instructions here.

7. Dress a wound

You already know that tampons are super absorbent, so it only makes sense that they would make fantastic makeshift bandages. Apparently, there's evidence of tampons being used to temporarily plug bullet holes!

8. Entertain your cat

Who owns yarn, anyway?

9. Accessorize

This season, swap your pearl earrings for some Tampax Pearls.

How will you repurpose your tampons, collegiettes?

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