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Why You Should Join the #ActuallySheCan℠ Movement


If you’re a Her Campus reader, we know you’re an ambitious woman. Whether you’re a sorority president, captain of the field hockey team, Dean’s List student or just super involved on your campus, you’ve got goals that you’re looking to reach.  Let us introduce you to this HUGE movement that is seriously the coolest, most inspiring thing ever. And get this—you could win $10,000 and be featured in Cosmopolitan if you win this essay contest!

What is it? 

#ActuallySheCan is an innovative movement that encourages female empowerment by inspiring young women to achieve their professional, personal, health, wellness and societal goals. The movement’s got a huge social media presence—women our age are posting #ActuallySheCan statements all over Twitter and Instagram, including celebs like Lea Michele, Lo Bosworth and iJustine! We think it’s seriously inspirational. Any movement that aims to inspire and motivate young women to achieve their goals gets an A+ in our book. 

How does #ActuallySheCan apply to me? 

Want to start your own business after college? Training for an upcoming marathon? Organizing a new club on campus? Trying to ace that next physics exam? If you’re like us, you’re a busy, super-social, assertive yet kind collegiette—and while you’ve got ambition, sometimes you hear that little voice in your head telling you that your dreams are too big. #ActuallySheCan is all about knowing that yes, you can achieve ALL of those goals—and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Basically, #ActuallySheCan is a moment or experience when someone or something in society thought you couldn't accomplish something that you did—such as wanting to enter a male-dominated career. It could also be a goal you’re working toward, like starting a club on campus. Or, it could be a salute to someone who has inspired you, like your entrepreneur mom or a professor-turned-mentor. Whatever your #ActuallySheCan moment may be, big or small, it’s all about working towards goals and inspiring others.

Okay, cool—how can I get involved? 

There are several ways! Register on the website for future communications to make sure you are always up to date on all of their activities!

Be sure to follow the movement on social media. Check out @ActuallySheCan on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to feel inspired whenever you see #ActuallySheCan in your newsfeed.    

The movement is all about sharing YOUR most inspiring moment and your goals—your #ActuallySheCan message. If you are eligible*, enter the Actually 500 Words Can Writing Contestand share your #ActuallySheCan experience! The entrant who submits the most original, articulate and inspiring story will receive a $10,000 cash prize and a two-week residential mentorship program with Allergan, a global pharmaceutical company, and will be featured in one of our favorite magazines, Cosmopolitan! Seriously—think of how awesome that $10,000 would be! And let’s be real—500 words is nothing. Go on—think of it as a productive break from homework! 

What should I write about? 

You can write about your biggest dreams, facing your most challenging obstacles and any events (big or small!) in your life that you thought you would never achieve or get past! Please check out the full contest terms and conditions. The submission deadline is October 15!

What is YOUR #ActuallySheCan moment, collegiettes?


*Eligibility requirements and restrictions apply. Please see complete contest terms and conditions at Actuallyshecan.com/contest.

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