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5 Ways to Hide a Hangover After Labor Day Festivities


The month of September kicks off with Labor Day, and while you've spent plenty of time preparing your BBQ outfit, you may not have thought too much about your hangover beauty routine.

Chances are, the late-night bonding you had with your friends and a celebratory beer (or two) have left you with dark circles, puffy skin and more—and since we've already got you covered with ways to feel better during a hangover, we're now here with tips on how to freshen up your daytime look after a long night out. Check out our top five favorite tricks to hide your Labor Day hangover!

Use concealer to hide dark circles

Stayed up too late the night before, only to discover unsightly dark circles under your eyes the next morning? To fix this problem, pick up an under-eye concealer with yellow undertones so it looks more natural on your skin, which will help to counteract dark circles or bags and any redness you might have.

We love the Corrector Concealer in Yellow ($6) from Maybelline as a budget-friendly pick, or the Erase Paste Concealer ($26) from Benefit if you're looking for a higher end product. Apply the concealer like a triangle, with the base underneath your eye and the point at your cheek, for the most flattering results. Unlike simply swiping concealer in a horizontal line underneath your eyelid, this method will help give the illusion that your face is lifted and firm.

Apply white or nude eyeliner to reduce redness

While you may be used to applying dark shades of eyeliner, pick out a neutral shade this time to help nix any redness around your eyes. This will help your eyes to look fresher, healthier and wider.

We recommend this eyeliner ($6) from Sephora in "Pure White" to line the inner rims of your eyes. Then, blend into your inner and outer corners as a highlighter, which will brighten up your look.

Mix illuminator into your foundation

For a natural-looking glow, try mixing an illuminator into your foundation rather than reaching for your favorite bronzer. Even though a bronzer can give your skin an extra glow, using an illuminator will give you more natural-looking results. It's also easier to blend and will make your skin look extra radiant and dewy.

Search for a product that is fairly sheer so it doesn't alter your foundation shade. Try the Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator ($7.50) from NYX Cosmetics to achieve the luminous glow you desire.

Choose your colors wisely (think bright lips and neutral eyes)

Sticking with neutral colors on your eyes doesn't only work to conceal redness, but a natural eye (unlike something like a smoky eye or bright shadows) also won't draw attention to the area. If you do want to add some color or interest to your look, opt for a bright shade of lipstick.

The bold color will pull attention away from tired eyes, and right to your pretty smile! You can rock a timeless red, a summer-inspired coral or a deep berry shade perfect for the season. 

Take aspirin to reduce inflammation and puffiness

This trick provides two benefits: First, the aspirin will help to cure your post-drinking headache, and it will also reduce inflammation, which will decrease puffiness (and work wonders for your complexion!). In addition to taking the aspirin, make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day to rehydrate your body and skin.

How do you rejuvenate your look after a night out, collegiettes?

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