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10 Reasons to Channel Your Inner Blair Waldorf at Work


When it comes to career inspiration, Blair Waldorf is the ideal candidate. She's classy and confident with just a dash of diabolical intelligence—and when Blair sets her sights on what she wants, you can bet that she'll get it. What more could you look for in a career idol? 

In case you still need a bit more convincing to channel your inner Blair Waldorf at work, here are a few reasons that will have you donning adorable headbands in no time. 

1. She always looks perfectly put together. 

2. She is honest about her life goals... 

3. ...and she knows better than to depend on "fate" or "the universe" to achieve those goals.

4. She is confident in herself and her skills—she is certain she'll succeed in the end. 

5. She's passionate about what she does for a living. 

6. She puts work before absolutely everything. 

7. Even when things get stressful, she knows better than to let her emotions get the best of her. 

8. No matter what terrible things may happen, she knows that everything will be okay. 

9. She'd never let anything get in the way of her happiness. 

10. And most importantly, she knows how to handle difficult situations. 

You know you love her.


Blair Waldorf 

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