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The 6 Most Surprising Things Guys Are Attracted To


Great hair, some sass or simply a gorgeous body — what do you think is the most attractive thing to a guy? The thing that makes him want to attach himself to you and never let go?

What if we told you it’s none of these? Sure, those qualities might initially draw a guy in, but enough to keep him long-term? To make him change his Facebook status and bring you home to Mom?


Surprisingly, some guys look for even quirkier traits that we ladies are sometimes afraid to display. We talked to a few campus cuties and found the six most surprising things that really turn a guy on.

1. Your Teeth

As happy collegiettes, naturally we already knew that guys love to see our smiles! It’s the best accessory a woman owns, and it looks great with everything. Guys just love how your smile exudes confidence.

“The one thing I find most attractive about a woman is her teeth,” says Josh Mitchell, a senior at Northwestern State University. “I love a woman with white and straight teeth.”

According to Josh, guys like him can tell right away if they’re interested in pursuing a relationship with you just by looking at your teeth during the conversation. So take care of those pearly whites, collegiettes!

2. Your Snorting Laugh

You’re finally talking to your crush, saying all the right things, flipping your hair and flashing your bright smile. He tells the best joke you’ve ever heard (or maybe it really isn’t that funny), and you start laughing. You’re laughing so hard that before you know it, you’ve just snorted. Your initial reaction is to clam up and slowly die on the inside from embarrassment, but you should do just the opposite.

“When females snort when they laugh, it is soooo sexy!” says Brian Cook, a sophomore at Northwestern State University. “Not being embarrassed makes them seem more cool and down to earth. Definitely a turn-on.”

Good news, collegiettes! According to Brian, the same thing applies for burping mid-date.

3. Your Competitive Side

No damsels in distress over here! So many collegiettes embrace their fierce sides and are determined to reach the top, whether it’s by landing a dream internship, finishing their first half marathon or even just winning a game of beer pong. But who knew being the alpha female actually attracted guys instead scaring them off?

Ray Cook, a senior at Southeastern University, agrees that girls who have a drive for winning is a huge turn-on. “I like when women don’t like to lose; like they don’t like just being number two, they’re a competitor,” he says.

But don’t take it too far, collegiettes! According to Ray, a competitive side that turns into b*tchy side is definitely not attractive.

4. Your Secret, Even “Weird” Hobbies

Whether you’re writing, dancing or practicing to become the world’s fastest Rubik’s cube solver, guys love to see a woman in her natural element. “I find it attractive to see girls pursuing something they love,” says Julian Jackson, a junior at Virginia Military Institute.

Sometimes, collegiettes find themselves hiding what they really enjoy doing, fearing their offbeat interests will make them look weird. Fortunately, just the opposite happens. “It’s nice to see them passionate about something and excelling at their craft,” Julian says.

According to Julian, doing what you love and showing it makes you look sure of yourself and proud of who you are, and it allows guys to get to know you better. And who doesn’t want to show everybody the real them?

5. Your Ears

Here’s a good excuse to shop for some eye-catching earrings: According to James*, a junior at Stephen F. Austin State University, ears make him swoon.

“I love girls with beautiful, big ears,” he says. “They just look very delicate and soft.”

James also says guys lose it when a girl tucks her hair behind her ear. Slip that move in your box of flirtatious tricks and learn more tips here!

6. Your Taste in Music

Next time you’re chatting up a cutie, talk to him about your favorite bands! Some guys base their attraction off what kinds of music collegiettes like. 

“I've noticed that I tend to be attracted to girls who share my taste in music,” says Patrick Reliford, a senior at Northwestern State University. “The type of music a person listens to says a lot about them.”

According to Patrick, music is almost always one of the first things he talks about when meeting a girl. And here we all thought that question was a random one just to make small talk and break the ice! He also says that even if you have a different taste in music, being open to listening to new artists is always a plus. 


­It's comforting to see that guys notice more than how gorgeous you are! Sure, looks are important, but these guys prove that it takes more than that to catch their eye. Most importantly, it’s best just to be yourself! Nothing is more attractive than that.

*Names have been changed.

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