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10 Beauty Trends Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Understand


Although our boyfriends think we’re beautiful whether we wear makeup or not (obviously because we’re ***flawless), there are some beauty trends that they just don’t get. So instead of trying to explain you were late because you were doing a cat eye or why you want ombre hair, just accept that these are the 10 beauty trends that you SO will never understand. 

1. Glitter anything

Whether it’s eye shadow or body lotion, sometimes we like to sparkle. Unfortunately our BF’s are more afraid of getting it on them than appreciating us looking *~fabulous~*.

2. Using shampoo and conditioner

Why would we shampoo AND condition our hair when there’s 2-in-1 soap for everything? No wonder guys take showers so quickly…

3. Lip gloss

To us, our lip gloss is poppin’. To them, it’s just sticky.

4. Ombré hair

Sue us for wanting to look like beautiful celebrities with ombré hair. Chances are your boyfriend won’t even notice you went to the hairdresser and then wonder why you spent so much money dying your hair different colors.

5. Cat eyes

Never rush a girl who’s trying to perfect a cat eye. Additionally, never ask her what took so long and fail to notice her stylish eye makeup.

6.  Red lipstick

Your poor boyfriend is stuck between wanting to smooch your extremely kissable red lips and not wanting to deal with getting lipstick all over himself. 

7. Nail art

Pinterest is a foreign concept to most guys, as is nail art. They just can’t appreciate a good accent nail or how painstaking it is to place jewels on them.  

8. Fake eyelashes

Our guys love gazing into our beautiful eyes but will always freak out when they see us remove fake eyelashes.

9. Lowlights

No, it’s not when there’s dim lighting at a romantic restaurant.

10. Straightening our hair

They just assume our hair is naturally silky, smooth and straight. Too bad it took an hour, a half of bottle of hair product and a scorching appliance to get it this way.

What beauty trend does your SO not understand, collegiettes? 

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