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10 Struggles of Being an Out-of-State Student


There’s no greater struggle than falling in love with a school in an entirely separate state than the one you grew up in. While getting away and attending your dream school is all you wanted, becoming an out-of-state student comes with an entirely new list of struggles. When you travel the country to attend college, here are just a few of these inconveniences to expect:

1. Packing for school involves selecting the smallest and fewest items you have, trying desperately to fit them in a van or airplane and frantically shopping once you arrive at school.

2. Moving into your dorm or apartment means moving EVERYTHING in. 

Your mom isn’t about to drive endless hours to drop off your favorite sweats that you forgot or a Keurig you didn’t know you’d need until a month into classes.

3. You have to plan your travel for breaks by visiting every travel site known to man and trying to score a deal that won't completely rob you.


4. Trying to decode a new state’s lingo requires a dictionary and many awkward conversations.

5. Your friends have no idea what you’re talking about when you mention your favorite local restaurant or city hangout.

6. Let’s not even begin to discuss the tuition.

7. You have no choice but to learn how to do your own laundry; you’re not about to lug a massive laundry bag on the plane or train just so your mom can wash your clothes.

8. Dealing with homesickness becomes second nature to you. Going home for a weekend to talk to your mom? That’s a funny joke.

9. You’re one of the last people at school after your finals because you have to wait around for your flight or train. 

You get all the joy of watching each of your friends get picked up by their parents as you lie in your bed waiting for your late departure.

10. Summer gets awfully lonely when all of your friends live in an entirely separate state than you.

But no matter how hard being an OOS student may get, always remember that you are enduring all of this to achieve an education at your dream college, which is an absolutely priceless experience.

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