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23 Signs You Need to Get Out More


We've all had those days (or weeks) when the idea of going out seems like the worst possible way to spend your evening. Every girl has a few nights here and there when she just wants to curl up with Netflix, but sometimes it's hard to keep your "alone time" from getting out of hand. Here are 23 signs that you probably (definitely) need to get out more. 

1. The restaurant you order sushi delivery from knows who's calling before you even say your name.

2. People have started to send you frantic text messages, asking if you transferred schools without telling anyone.

3. Your nails have been painted seven colors in just as many days.

4. You’ve been wearing the same sweatpants for more than 48 hours.

5. You haven’t put on a bra since you put on the sweatpants.

6. You get really confused when people start talking about Ariana Grande because you have no idea who she is.

7. You’ve started to get really into Step by Step reruns.

8. You have Googled “how to play Cards Against Humanity with one player.”

9. Yesterday, you stalked every single tagged picture of yourself on Facebook…

10. …and the most recent tagged picture of you on Facebook is from last October.

11. You prefer to talk to yourself than to other people. 

12. You've woken up to food wrappers in your bed more than twice. 

13. You've seen every. Single. Episode. Of Law & Order: SVU.

14. Your cat won’t even hang out with you anymore because she’s sick of you.

15. You eat whatever random food you have left in your pantry or fridge so you don't have to go grocery shopping. 

16. There is a legitimate and permanent butt indent on your couch, and you won’t sit anywhere else because said indent fits your butt so perfectly.

17. On official forms, you list “Olivia Pope” as your emergency contact.

18. Even Hulu is starting to worry about you.

19. You still say “LOL” unironically.

20. You didn’t know Beyoncé put out a new album until you saw the YouTube video of her opening the Grammys.

21. You still wear a Juicy Couture tracksuit.

22. Your biggest accomplishment of the past month was to follow a complete Michelle Phan makeup tutorial.

23. When you call to make a hair appointment, the receptionist says she took your name out of the client directory because she assumed you died.

It's time to get out there, girls! We believe in you. 

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