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The 11 Stages of Shopping for Beauty Products at the Drugstore


We’ve all been there: You walk into the drugstore to buy mascara and end up leaving with nail polish, shampoo, red lipstick (in two shades) and glitter eye shadow that you don’t need but reaaaallly want. It happens so often, but we just can’t help it that we get sucked in every time we spot the beauty section. Here are the 11 stages of shopping for beauty products at a drugstore.

Stage 1: Focus

I’m here for mascara and mascara only. Eyes on the prize.

Stage 2: Distraction

Oh, Essie just came out with new colors… I guess it couldn’t hurt to look…

Stage 3: Refocus

No, I just bought nail polish last week. Mascara. I’m here for mascara.

Stage 4: Temptation

But that new shade of pink is sooooo cute. It would look great on my toes. Plus it’s named “Peachy Keen,” which is adorable.

Stage 5: Bargaining

Well, an $8 bottle of nail polish is way cheaper than a manicure. I’m just being money savvy.

Stage 6: Giving in

It’s decided; I’m getting the nail polish. I feel good about this. Might as well stock up while I’m here! *Puts 3 more colors in basket*

Stage 7: Free for all

I’ve been dying to try that new leave-in conditioner. And that morning face wash would really do wonders for my skin! Oh, is that red lip stain? I’ve GOT to have this navy blue waterproof eyeliner!

Stage 8: Satisfaction

Look at all my new beauty goodies! I can’t wait to try them all out. This has been such a successful trip.

Stage 9: Shock

Wait, all this costs HOW much?

Stage 10: Acceptance

You know what, no one ever said looking good was cheap. Plus I NEED all these things. Really, I do.

Stage 11: Denial

Shoot, I never picked up mascara. Guess I have to go back! This time I’ll only get what I need. 

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