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11 Reasons We Wish Life Was Like a Disney Channel Original Movie


If you watched Disney Channel growing up then you remember the classic that is the Disney Channel Original Movie. Their ridiculous plots kept us entertained as kids and still have us jealous of their protagonists. Keep reading for a list of reasons why we wish our lives were a DCOM.

1. We could have a house that cleans itself and picks out cute outfits for us.

2. We could find out that we're actually mermaids and swim away from all of our problems on land.

3. We could live in space because Earth is overrated.

4. We could be witches and save Halloweentown because how good would that look on our resumes?

5. We could switch lives with our mom for the day just so we can mess with her.

6. We could become motocross champions and get the hot guy in the end.

7. We could get sick spy gadgets and get praised for solving the mystery of our missing teacher.


8. We could be in a band with our best friends and wear dope matching outfits.

9. We could have dramatic confrontations that would only be solved by rollerblading.

10. We could own at snowboarding and show up that kid we hate who doesn't know that Hawaii is in fact in America.

11. And so that our problems will never last longer than an hour and a half and always has a happy ending.

I mean, isn't that what dreams are made of? 

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