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'Vanderpump Rules' Star Katie Maloney on Her New Jewelry Collection


Katie Maloney may be known for her reality starlet turn on Vanderpump Rules, but with a newly released jewelry collection, she’s determined to make her mark on the fashion industry, too. We had the pleasure of talking with Katie about the pieces she curated for Sterling Forever. And while we were chatting, we couldn’t help but get the dirt on her recent engagement and the just-renewed Bravo show that made her famous. 

Her Campus: What was the inspiration behind your jewelry collection with Sterling Forever?

Katie Maloney: Sterling Forever really is a brand that offers luxury that's affordable while maintaining quality. I wanted to curate a line that represents my own personal style and taste, and Sterling Forever was the perfect partnership [in which] to do just that!

HC: What type of girl did you have in mind when you curated this collection?

KM: Because these pieces can be layered or worn alone it really suits every girl from the style glamazon to the understated type of lady. 

HC: How important do you think jewelry is to a woman’s sense of style? 

KM: Jewelry is like the little cherry on top of an outfit. It can make a statement by layering and adding a little sparkle or just pulling an everyday look together with a bangle and pendant necklace. It's that little something extra. 

HC: In what way can collegiettes incorporate jewelry into their on campus ensembles?

KM: I understand the stresses of school can take a toll on style, but style shouldn’t have to be compromised. On a tired morning you can still put on a great pair of earrings that will surely give you compliments to motivate you through the day. I also say throw a couple pieces in your bag that you can put on throughout the day if you are rushed.

HC: We have to wish you congratulations on your engagement to longtime boyfriend Tom Schwartz. With your recent foray into all things bling, we’re sure you had ideas about what kind of ring you wanted. So, how’d he do?

KM: Well thank you! I would be lying if I hadn't dropped a million hints or texted inspiration photos. Tom practically had it burned into his brain. It's funny because I never doubted Tom because he does have great taste in jewelry. Our dear friend Kyle Chan is an incredibly talented jewelry designer and he completely understood both our tastes, so I believe he was able to help guide my bub a little too.

HC: You also have your own beauty blog, Pucker & Pout. What do you want readers to take away from your site? 

KM:Pucker & Pout is for every and anyone. I don't fit into a box and I believe that's been my best approach to my blog. I want anyone that goes onto the site to find a post that they can share with their best friend, their mom, their boyfriend, or any male or female companion. I love having a range of diverse content because I myself have so much range in my own life, it keeps me connected.

HC: How has working for Lisa Vanderpump influenced your inner girl boss? 

KM: She is the ultimate girl power influencer. I still find her intimidating only because I admire her and her accomplishments. And she does it looking flawless.  

HC: Vanderpump Rules was just renewed for a fourth season! What can we expect to see when the show returns?

KM: Unfortunately I can't reveal anything but I promise you will be as entertained as ever!

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