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17 Signs You're Shoshanna From 'Girls'


Shoshanna Shapiro is one of the most hilarious characters on television today, mostly because she's so relatable! Read on to find out if Shosh is actually your spirit animal. 

1. You're just a college girl trying to make her way in the world.

2. You say "like" a little too often, but that's like, totally fine. 

3. You're not afraid to take fashion risks.

4. You find happiness in the little things.

5. You love any song that you can dance to. 

6. You're quirky in the best way.

7. Sometimes you wish the world was as positive as you are.

8. You find yourself in a lot of awkward situations. 

9. You may be a tad inexperienced...

10. ...not that you'd let anyone know that. 

11. Sometimes you can get a little over-emotional.

12. You say what's on your mind...

13. ...and you always voice your opinion. 

14. You might not always make the best decisions,

15. But you're working on that. 

16. And even though you're not totally ready to venture into adulthood,

17. You're learning how to figure it out as you go.

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