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5 Beauty Trends We Love for Fall


As we make our way back to campus this fall, our favorite cozy sweaters and brown boots will slowly inch their ways back into our wardrobe, while we sip on pumpkin spice lattes and study away. Along with fresh fashion and a new semester, we can also look forward to fall beauty trends, which give us permission to finally break out the mulberry lipstick and gray nail polish.

Every season brings new trends, so this fall, we want to make sure your beauty look is the chicest on campus. With these totally up-to-date tips, you may even find other collegiettes messaging you for the latest beauty advice!

1. Statement-Making Black Eyeliner

Seen At: Chanel, Versace and Marc Jacobs

When it came to eyeliner on the Fall/Winter 2015-16 runways, designers were all about that charcoal vibe. Models were seen with intense geometric black eyeliner designs, which were purposely as abstract as possible. Big and bold liner designs were center stage, and even Kendall Jenner nailed the trend at Paris Fashion Week during a Chanel show, bringing black winged eyeliner to a whole new level.

Whether you prefer to use a pencil, liquid or marker-style liner, you can easily recreate the look at home with a few simple steps. First, don’t think too much about making the lines totally even; often with winged eyeliner, we spend so much time making sure the lines are on fleek that it can get overwhelming. This fall, however, you won’t need to stress about perfect lines, since the more dramatic the look is, the better. The desired look is supposed to appear more messy and smudgy than the traditional cat eye, so seriously, it's better to avoid perfection!

We recommend using the Maybelline Eye Studio Master Precise Ink Pen Eyeliner ($7.99, ULTA) for an easy way to make bold lines with minimal effort. The marker-style applicator gives you total control and precision over the liner, so you can create as many eccentric designs as you desire. As for usability, incorporate this trend into your Friday night going-out routine or for other fun celebrations where you don’t have to worry about looking super professional.

2. Natural, Low-Maintenance Hair

Seen At: Chloe, Tom Ford and Gucci

When it comes to the runway, we often imagine hairstyles that are unique and totally all-out, so we were a bit surprised when we noticed some simple styles on the catwalk this year. Gucci and Tom Ford, among other designers, put their models on the runway with simple waves or smooth, straight locks rather than extravagant braids, bombshell curls or show-stopping hair color. Sure, you may need a few strokes of a flat iron to get locks that are completely smooth, but hours spent styling hair are now totally taboo. When paired with barely-there makeup, the world of high-fashion suddenly seems a bit more attainable.

During the summer months, it’s easy to part from our beloved flat irons and curling wands. We can embrace the natural texture of our hair, whether we’re content with the waves the salt water at the beach gives us, or we are just too busy to bust out the hot tools when we’d rather be out and about with friends. But when the fall comes around, it’s harder to give styling tools a break and work with your natural texture. Luckily, we know exactly what to use to stay as minimal as possible.

A new product that’s perfect for the days when you just want to let you natural hair do its thing is the “Don’t Blow It” styler from Bumble and bumble ($30, Sephora). It lets you air dry your hair without sacrificing a fab style by giving your locks a look that's defined and frizz-free.

For smooth and straight strands, we recommend using the Keratin Smooth Serum from TRESemmé ($5.99, ULTA) to put unruly hair in line and create major shine. And when you’re craving beachy waves, try the Beach Babe Texturing Spray from Not Your Mother’s ($5.99, ULTA).

3. Smudged and Sultry Smoky Eyes

Seen At: John Richmond, Nicole Miller and Diane von Furstenberg

Meanwhile, the smoky eye has gotten an upgrade as well. The look is now a bit less defined and a little more subtle. A token rule for any great smoky eye? Smudging the makeup is not only acceptable, but actually brings a desirable lived-in feel to the look, just like the eyeliner mentioned earlier. Cara Delevingne rocked such shadow while walking in the same Chanel show as Kendall, making her overall look edgy without being sloppy.

The key to achieving this take on the smoky eye isn’t necessarily to have a highly pigmented and black-based look, but instead to focus on blending and shading a variety of dark shadows. This will still bring the intensity you crave when creating a smoky eye, but with a little less drama.  

To avoid looking like a raccoon while you slay, we suggest investing in the Sephora Pro Blending Brush ($20, Sephora) and a palette that includes various shades of black and gray, such as the Naked Smokey Palette ($54, Sephora) from Urban Decay. This way, your look will have some dimension and extra oomph without making it look like you have a black eye.

Finally, pair it with a nude lip such as the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Cannes from NYX ($5.99, ULTA) and a simple mascara such as the Physicians Formula Organic Wear Mascara ($9.99, ULTA) for a complete look that will totally amp your #selfiegame.

4. Barely-There Makeup

Seen At: Mila Schon, Dolce & Gabbana and Michael Kors

The concept of “no-makeup-makeup” means something different to every collegiette, but an easy guide to achieving the look is to keep it simple with just a bit of foundation and mascara.

Another popular fall trend is to chill on the contouring—whether it’s “clown contouring” or Kim Kardashian inspired— and just embrace your natural features. Designers such as Michael Kors and Dolce & Gabbana loved letting their models walk the stage with fresh faces, which let the clothes (and the girls' natural beauty!) do all the talking.

The natural look can be achieved through a variety of different ways, such as going completely bare-faced (extra time to sleep in!) or just defining your brows and lashes while concealing any blemishes. For the latter, we recommend the Brow Wiz pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills ($21, ULTA) if you’re stuck when it comes to finding the perfect brow product.

5. Fire-Engine Red Lipstick

Seen At: Antonio Berardi, Vanessa Seward and Ashley Williams

A timeless tradition that will shine even brighter than usual this season is the classic red lip, a total makeup essential. Models on the runway shined this year with fire-engine red lipstick, while keeping other makeup minimal so that the vibrant color could take center stage. Nothing amplifies an outfit or a collegiette’s sense of style quite like red lipstick does.

For a matte finish, try Ruby Woo from MAC ($17, Nordstrom), a cult-favorite among makeup artists and celebs such as TSwift. If you prefer a bolder look with shine, reach for Heatwave by NARS ($27, Neiman Marcus), an eye-catching color that Kate Bosworth adores. The best part about red lipstick is that is goes with almost anything, and can be worn at many different occasions and events. It’s definitely a trend that we fully support!

On campus, we love pairing red lipstick with fluttery, baby doll lashes using a mascara such as "They’re Real" Lengthening Mascara from Benefit Cosmetics ($24, ULTA) for va-va-voom volume. Finish the look by making sure your complexion looks ***flawless using your go-to concealer or foundation. Our favorites are the Mineralize Concealer from MAC ($21, MAC Cosmetics) and the BareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation ($29, ULTA).  

Feel free to get creative and have fun with each of these fall beauty trends, and hopefully you’ll find a favorite that you can rock all season long. As always, no matter what you choose, we know you’ll look fabulous.

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