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11 Reasons ‘Gossip Girl’ Was the Best Show Ever


With six years of explosive episodes, Gossip Girl is arguably the best show of our generation. The chemistry between the cast, the surprising twists, and the overall emotion of the series are all part of why we were hooked from the pilot all the way to the tear-jerking finale. Why else was Gossip Girl the best show ever? Here are eleven indisputable reasons.

1. Chuck and Blair’s epic love story

Because they are the definition of #RelationshipGoals.

2. Serena and Blair’s friendship

S and B forever.

3. The fashion

Has a television series ever had such a stylish wardrobe?

4. NYC as the show’s backdrop

The city is its own character.

5. The music

Those soundtracks are uh-mazing.

6. The stunning cast

Everyone on the show is absolutely gorgeous.

7. The fact that it’s unrealistic in all the best ways

We wish high school had been that fabulous!

8. The quote-worthy words of wisdom

Gossip Girl speaks the truth.

9. The star-studded special guests

Michelle Trachtenberg, Hilary Duff, Tyra Banks…

10. Dorota

Where is she in our lives?

11. Because we’re still talking about it, even after all this time

You know you love me.


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