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The 11 Best One Direction Videos, Ranked


It's been a rough year for One Direction, and we've even been hearing rumors of a split. On the bright side, while we mourn and grieve and deny it all, we can watch the boys' amazing music videos on replay. We picked our all-time favorites.

11. Gotta Be You

If nothing else, watch this to see the boys rocking some seriously beautiful jackets.

10. What Makes You Beautiful

This one is a classic, but we can never get enough of baby 1D frolicking in the ocean.

9. One Way or Another

The band saved a ton of money with this homemade video, and donated the difference to Comic Relief. That alone was enough to put it on the list, but the video itself is actually awesome. See for yourself!

8. Kiss You

One Direction is not just a bunch of pretty boys with angelic voices. In “Kiss You,” the boys prove that they totally don’t take themselves seriously—and we love them even more for it.

7. You & I

We’ll take a long walk on the beach with any of the boys, if they’re wearing that sweater and morphing into each other. Actually, we’d do it regardless.

6. Little Things

Zayn singing “I’m in love with you” while staring directly at the camera. That is all.

5. One Thing

Can we get a guided tour of London, please, boys?

4. Midnight Memories

The lads being adorably awkward at a lame party, before bailing to get some midnight munchies, are all of us on a night out—give or take a few boat and wheelchair (?) rides.

3. Steal My Girl

In this epic video, Danny DeVito gives the band magic powers, and they go on to hang out with a couple of sumos and a few monkeys in the desert. We are sooo confused but also so okay with it.

2. Best Song Ever

We could not stop laughing at Liam playing a flamboyant choreographer and Niall a studio exec (and former tap-dancer). This one was almost the “best video ever.”

1. Night Changes

We don’t care what anyone says, nothing can ever beat the feeling of cozying up by the fire with Niall or ice-skating with Harry. “Night Changes” has ruined us for life.

Which is your favorite 1D video, collegiettes?


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