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11 Things We'd Love to See in Taylor Swift's New Clothing Line


The day we were all waiting for finally arrived because Taylor Swift is launching her own clothing line. But just as we were getting pumped about the idea of modeling T. Swift’s clothes in epic street style fashion, we realized the catch: it will only be available to buy in China. That (devastating) news didn’t keep us from making a list of all the things we want to see in her clothing line, even if we are jealous of the Swifties who will get to shop it.

1. Crop tops

This one’s a given, right? Tay perfected the crop top quite a while ago, but we’re still not over it.

2. Pretty little collars

Collars can seem awfully buttoned-up on some gals but not T. She makes the secretarial look chic again.

3. Lots of stripes

Stripes never lose their appeal, which is what makes them a Taylor signature.

4. High-waisted shorts

Ms. Swift knows which styles work best with her body type. We’re counting on her to expand the lacking high-waisted shorts market for tall girls everywhere.

5. Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle

Taylor has drifted from the heavily sequined looks of her country days, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still find a little shine in her wardrobe.

6.  Animal-print sweaters

We know T. loves her cats, but we’re talking a whole array of cute, cuddly creatures. And what better way to show them off than on adorable fall sweaters?

7. Girly sundresses

Have you ever seen a sundress that Taylor Swift couldn’t pull off? The answer is no. We can’t imagine the type of wisdom she has and how she much she could share with the pants-less crowd.

8. Fun flats

Even pop idols need a break from their heels every now and then. Leather oxfords or loafers are Tay's fave, but fun styles like hers can be hard to come by. We’re looking for ones that easily transition from day to night, please.

9. Matching separates

We didn’t know how much we could love matching separates until Taylor made it her mission to educate us on the matter. We would take as many variations of this staple as we could get our hands on.

10. Cutouts

Cutouts can easily elevate your entire outfit if they’re expertly placed to at least leave a little to the imagination. Taylor is the master of the classy cutout, so we think she’ll have to include a few in her line.

11. Vintage vibes meet classic glam

Tay always looks like she stepped right out of an old Hollywood film. She gets what it means to mix the latest trends with classic pieces. This has to be what her mood boards are all about; we just know it!

Taylor, if you’re reading this, we're begging you to bring your clothing line to America! 

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