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5 Twists on the Classic French Manicure


You can't go wrong with classics, and a French manicure is just that. But wearing the same look time after time can get a little... dull. Switch it up and add some flair to your go-to design with these variations on the classic French mani!

1. Reverse French

We love this edgy take on the classic style. It's not quite the half-moon mani, but does resemble it a bit. Paint your entire nail the color you want the "French" portion to be. Paint over it with the second color, leaving a sliver of first color showing.

2. Colored tips

This look is perfect for weekend summer getaway or a GNO on the town.

3. Ombré

This variation is really fun but also super sophisticated. The easiest way to achieve this mani is to use a makeup sponge to make the tip more concentrated while the middle stays sheer.

4. Glitter tips

Instead of using a polish, pick out your favorite chunky glitter to paint your French mani. It may require a few coats, but it will definitely be worth it!

5. Double lined

Add a funky twist to your manicure by painting on a second line. Make your tip as thick or thin as you like, but be sure the second one is thinner than the first to add some interest and dimension to the look.

Which manicure will you be trying first, collegiettes?

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