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13 Ways Blake Shelton Probably Gets Over a Breakup


Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert are getting a divorce after four years of marriage, and we might never believe in love again. But if we're this upset, how is Blake himself taking it? Here are a few of the ways we imagine he's coping with his heartbreak.

1. Allowing himself time to grieve

2. Getting into a fist fight

3. Living vicariously through other couples

...or living out his own romance with Adam Levine.

4. Overcompensating


5. Trying out a ~new~ look

6. Letting go of the past

What's done is done.

7. Not letting the haters get to him

Nobody messes with Blake.

8. Bro-ing out

Luke Bryan has to be the best wingman ever.

9. Shaking it

He's got all of the moves.

10. Drowning his sorrows

...and making solid life decisions.

11. Acting on impulse

12. Staying positive

13. Writing new songs and melting our hearts

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