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You Are What You Drink: What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You


It’s Friday night, and you already have your pre-game playlist blasting. That’s right, it’s time to go out.

Whether you end up at a house party or the bars, you know you’ll be sipping on your favorite drink all night long. Not only does your cocktail of choice ensure you'll have a great time, it also can tell you a lot about your personality. Cheers!

Cranberry vodka

Let’s be real, we all went through a cranberry vodka phase. But for those who stuck with it past freshman year, you’re probably really spontaneous and usually go with the flow. You’re the type of party girl that will bounce between bars just to flirt up cute guys and then laugh about all your ridiculous memories the next morning. Everyone loves your free spirit because you don’t take yourself too seriously. You’re just looking to have a great time with you friends.

Pinot Grigio

Pinot Grigio gals are sweet and optimistic. While you love a night out on the town, you also value nights in watching your favorite rom-coms (hellloooo Ryan Gosling). You’re also a great friend because you take relationships seriously, plus you’re always down for an hour-long heart-to-heart. You make friends easily due to your kind nature and stay calm in stressful situations.


If you’re hooked on the red wine, you’re definitely sophisticated. Reading great books and traveling the world are two of your favorite things, plus you’re intelligent, sassy and mature for your age. People probably find you mysterious because only open up to your close friends. You also have great taste and always wear the best clothes. Overall, you’re one classy collegiette.

Jack and Coke

As you knock back some Jack and Coke, you automatically give off a cool, edgy vibe. You’re known to do your own thing and make a strong first impression; you’re unapologetically yourself. It may take people a while to get to know you because you tend to be deep and complex. But you’re confident and a little rebellious, which many people envy you for.

Tequila shots

Salt, shot, lime; If you’re familiar with shots of tequila, you’re definitely the adventurous type. You’ll try just about anything once because you love doing crazy, memorable things. Out of your friends, you’re the one always down for anything, and your outspoken nature makes you the life of the party. Some people may not be able to handle your dramatic side, but you’re too busy having fun to care about the haters.


Whether it’s out of a bottle or solo cup, drinking beer means you’re chill and laid back. It takes a lot to get you upset because you’re so easy going. You don’t mind hanging by yourself or casually drinking with friends, but you also love tailgates and killer concerts. We’re not surprised if you play intramural soccer or co-ed volleyball, just for fun of course.

Gin & Tonic

This classic cocktail may seem a little mature for collegiettes, but if you’re sipping on a gin and tonic, you’re levelheaded and rational. While you tend to play it safe, your cautious nature doesn’t prevent you from having fun. You have a particular taste, but that just means you know what you like. You never settle for anything less than the best.


Just like this bubbly drink, you’re excitable and constantly looking for a fun time. You love getting dolled up for a night out, and you’re most likely to be hitting the dance floor with all your girls. As an extravert, you’re definitely a party person, always finding a reason to celebrate. Most people know you on campus because you’re super friendly. It’s rare to see you not smiling.

Maybe you have one go-to drink on the weekends or you like to switch it up. Whatever you find yourself toasting with on a Friday night, cocktails can tell you a lot about your personality!


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