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15 Signs Being Social Just Isn't for You


Whether you spend your free time binge watching shows on Netflix or  just avoiding the general populace, not all of us are the social type. While some people love to party and cause mayhem, others delight in online shopping and nights in with the guys: Ben and Jerry. Here are 15 signs being social just isn't for you!

1. You consider Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey to be your best (read: only) friends.

"I'll be there for youuuuuu" ...just not today. There's a Friends marathon on.

2. You squeal with delight every time a friend cancels his or her plans with you.

*Pretends to be devastated but really spends all night binge watching shows on Netflix*

3. You sneak to the gym as soon as it opens or right as it's about to close to avoid as many people as possible.

Does running away from social interaction count as exercise?

4. Whenever you run into an acquaintance on campus, the first thing he or she says is, “OMG, I thought you transferred!”

You're harder to track down than Carmen Sandiego.

5. You have a slight panic attack any time someone calls you or asks you to hang out.

Just let it go to voicemail!

6. You think the greatest invention since sliced bread is the ability to order pizza online so that you never have to talk to anybody.

Who needs friends when there's pizza?

7. Sometimes you go so long without speaking to anyone that when you do, you’ve completely forgotten how to put sentences together.

Speaking is so overrated anyways. 

8. You’re capable of crafting any excuse to get out of plans.

*Insert extraordinarily complicated lie to get out of lunch plans*

9. You get really uncomfortable when people try to open up to you about personal things.

Just nod your way through the awkwardness.

10. Online shopping is your religion.

Does that mean we never have to step foot inside the mall again? Victory!

11. You consider being stuck in an elevator full of people to be a fate worse than death.

And the panicking begins in five... four...

12. The “Irish goodbye” is your way of life.

Thanks for the invite! See you never!

13. You like the idea of dating in theory, but you aren’t willing to give up your nights in with Ben and Jerry to go out with anyone.

Chunky Monkey is the best boyfriend.

14. You have 5,000 tweets to your name, but if you met any of your followers in real life, you’d have nothing to say them.

Why be funny in real life when you can just be funny on Twitter?

15. Celebrities wear disguises in public to avoid the paparazzi. You do it to avoid people you know.

Is the trench coat too much?


Just because you're not social doesn't mean you're boring! So embrace your introverted personality, chow down on that Ben and Jerry's and spend time with your real Friends.

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