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15 Things We Would Tell Our Former High School Selves


Picture your teenage self again—walking those high school halls full of gossip, cliques and the longing of wanting to fit in. If we only knew then what we know now! Sure, we’re only in our 20s, and there’s a long road full of mistakes, regrets and lessons ahead of us. But let’s face it: as young as we are, we’re still wise enough to know a thing or two we had no idea about at age 16. If we could go back in time and slap some sense into our younger, misguided selves, here are 15 things we’d be sure to say:

1. This phase where you’re into bad boys won’t last

They're SO not worth the trouble. 

2. Everyone doesn’t have to like you

Brush it off and keep it moving. 

3. Keep your frenemy radar on at all times

Forget frenemies. You can do better.

4. Always stand up for yourself

Because when you do, they'll be sorry they ever crossed you.

5. This is NOT the worst breakup you’ll ever go through and you WILL love again

Five years later you'll be in your 20s and still won't know what love is! 

6. That acne will clear, and when it does my friend…


7. That popular girl won’t seem so flawless in a couple of years

Sometimes those Regina Georges peak in high school... Look forward to evening the playing field without stooping to their level.

8. Dial down the drama, please

Maybe don't spill all your feelings on Facebook? Maybe? Just a suggestion.

9. You will prove all of your bullies and haters wrong. Just wait for it!

Use their snide remarks and dirty stares as fuel for your success. 

10. Say thank you to your parents more often, because one day, you will think of them as your best friends 

Scary, right? Deny it now, but it will happen! 

11. You think you’re a trendsetter now, but boy, do you have a lot to learn

Don't worry, we'll get there.

12. You don’t need a boyfriend right now

Who needs the drama when you could be maxing and relaxing. 

13. Sometimes things don’t go your way, but your life will go on

No need to dwell on the things you can't control.

14. EVERYONE has insecurities, not just you

See? Even Demi hurts sometimes! 

15. Be confident and love yourself always, no matter what!

I woke up like 'dis!

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