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26 Signs You’re the Spencer Hastings of Your Friend Group


They say girls are made of sugar, spice and everything nice. That may be true for the average girl, but we’d have to disagree when it comes to Pretty Little Liars’s Spencer Hastings. She’s definitely made of ambition, intelligence and just a dash— or two— of cynicism. When she’s not busy being the Sherlock Holmes of her friend group, she’s making us wonder how someone could be that freaking smart, run on that little sleep and still have time to look more put together than any of us on our best day!

Let’s be honest…we’ve all wanted to rule the world like the Alison D. of our group, but Spencer was always who we envied most. Like seriously, how can she be that on point…alllll the time! If any of these 26 signs describe you, you’re not only the Spencer Hastings of your friend group, but you’re pretty bad*ss (and we can’t say that for many people)!

1. You can never fight the urge to correct your friends on the differences between “your” and “you’re” 

2. You’re on a first name basis with the library regulars

3. You've never been one to shy away from a confrontation 

Sheesh! Put your fangs away, girl! 

4. When it comes to reaching a conclusion, sometimes you’re a little hasty (see what we did there!)

5. There’s no denying how intimidating you can be

6. You take having your friends’ backs to a whole new level!

Every friend group has to have a mama bear, right?

7. Sometimes you’re what we’d call a Grade A Debbie Downer

8. Velma Dinkley and Nancy Drew have nothing on your mystery solving skills!

You definitely look more fabulous too! 

9. Forget the present! You tend to live in the future

10. Still, you never let ‘em see you break a sweat!

11. You tend to rub off on your friends

Someone has to set the standard. May as well be you! 

12. But you know you’d be nothing without their support!

13. You always tell it like it is!

Didn't we already say put your fangs away, girl?

14. You may be a bit of a flirt15. You occasionally say things you don’t really mean

16. You always know the perfect solution to any problem

17. Your jokes are as much of a lesson as they are funny

If only we could all be that witty.

18. And you’re usually so well put together

19. Basically you’re nearrrrly perfect, even if you have to constantly remind everyone that you’re not

Yeah, yeah. We're not buying it! 

20. You’ve crossed over to the dark side before21. But not for long of course!

22. It’s extremely hard for you to entertain stupidity

Ughhh! *Rolls eyes*

23. In your world, everything is black and white24. You know you’re a bit of a train wreck

Aren't we all though! 

25. And you’ve had a breakdown— or two— in your lifetime

26. But you’re always as sharp as whip and everyone knows it!


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