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5 Outfits That'll Beat the Heat at Your Summer Internship


We've hit the middle of summer, and as you head out on your morning commute to your dream internship, you feel a drip of sweat on your forehead. You suddenly realize that summer isn't just the season of internships—it's the season of sweltering heat. Breaking a sweat every time you walk into the office sounds like a total nightmare, and the last thing you want to do is overheat. But what if the office has the air conditioning on overdrive? You definitely don't want to have goose bumps at your desk! How do you dress for your morning walk to work and for your office climate?

Before you panic, relax—we've got you covered. Whether it's opting for bright whites or breezy linens, we've got tips for putting together the perfect office outfit that'll keep you cool and professional.

1. Go minimalist

Summer Minimalist

MANGO pink dress
$19 - johnlewis.com




Stud earrings



Replacing your pantsuits with dresses is the number one way to beat the summer heat while still looking professional, because when the temperature rises, less is more. Unfortunately, however, this means that  heavy pieces, such as statement necklaces, are a total no-no if you're looking to keep cool. Similarly, bedazzled and beaded clothing should also be abandoned. Of course, while clunky metal is sure to stimulate sweat and weigh you down, you definitely don't have to give up jewelry altogether. You can still make a statement by sticking to flirty, eye-catching studs and swapping out neutral heels for colorful flats!

2. Swap your trousers for shorts

Blazer & Shorts


ASOS white blazer
$60 - asos.com



Abercrombie & Fitch shorts




Thankfully, offices tend to be more lenient with warm-weather apparel, meaning summer is the perfect time to try out some street style trends while still looking clean and put-together. One of the hottest outfits of choice for fashion bloggers and young professionals is the blazer and shorts look. The key is to find loose shorts made of high-quality material to ensure that your booty stays cool—and, most importantly, covered! In terms of length, it goes without saying that the longer, the better. Opt for a black pair for maximum versatility, and pair them with a subtly patterned sleeveless top. Finish off your look with a lightweight linen blazer and throw on some sandals with minimal strapping to keep your toes from getting toasty.

3. Try a midi

Fresh & Cool

Madewell white shirt



ASOS white skirt




Kate spade earrings



Summer is definitely skirt season, but the style gets tricky when the weather gets warmer and hemlines get shorter. For the more conservative work place, stick to midi skirts, which ensure coolness and never push length boundaries. The style is extremely in and almost always appropriate, and with a range of pastel options to choose from, you can avoid black bottoms that draw in heat. Ditch the skin-tight styles and opt for something flowy, which will fan away sweat and won't stick to your skin. Pair your skirt with an equally loose (but structured) boxy top. A fresh white cotton tee is the perfect pairing, because the material is extremely breathable and again, it won't attract heat. Thanks to the newest flat sandal trend, try on a pair of metallic slides, which emphasize comfort while maintaining a sense of professional glam. However, let it be known that depending on your body type, a midi skirt might make you look shorter. If that's the case, don't abandon the look altogether! Simply pop on some heels instead and you'll be as leggy as you desire.

4. Opt for textures, not layers

Textured Summer Dresses

Topshop pink stripe dress
$78 - topshop.com



DVb Victoria Beckham sleeveless dress
$310 - thecorner.com




Daniel Green Meg



Busy patterns may not work in your work place, but that doesn't mean that layering (a.k.a. unnecessary heat) has to be your go-to for texture. Try a jacquard dress with simple stripes. Alternatively, opt for a color-blocked style that looks like two pieces but is really one! Either way, your outfit will be eye-catching and put-together, and you won't even have to worry about having a bland style or fumbling to match layers every morning. Of course, it's important to note that while the heat rises outside, it often drops in the office. If your work place has air conditioning, it can get chilly, and nothing's worse than shivering at your desk. Opt for an unlined jacket or cardigan in breathable materials like cotton. Stick it in your bag during the commute, and slip it on in the office when you get cold. 

5. Stay conservative with lighter colors and fabrics

Covered But Cool


J Crew 3 4 sleeve top



The Limited tall pants





So, your office takes coverage very seriously? Don't sweat it. You can keep from overheating in even the most conservative of work environments, as long as you pick the right colors and materials. We've already emphasized the importance of wearing light shades and choosing breathable fabrics. That being said, choose a white, pale pink, or blue linen button-down. Next, pick a linen or linen blend trouser, but avoid skinny styles, which will get hot and clingy fast. A nice boot-cut, flare, or if absolutely necessary, straight-leg fit will keep you cool as a cucumber. Don't be afraid to choose a summery shade for your pants, but of course, if your dress code is strict you can opt for navy, white, grey, or khaki. If you're still worried about office air conditioning, layer an open-knit sweater over your oxford. Try open nude heels as opposed to solid pumps for a freer foot, and accessorize with gentle studs.

Follow these tips and you'll never break a sweat! Even better, summer whites and soft pastels go with almost anything (especially each other!) so feel free to mix and match styles from any of the above outfits to create a unique and versatile wardrobe that'll last you all summer long!

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