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17 Life Lessons Mary Kate & Ashley Taught Us


The Olsen twins were with us throughout our childhoods, whether it was on Full House or in straight-to-video movies. So naturally they taught us everything we needed to know about makeup, boys and friendship. Below, we’re recounting 17 of the best life lessons Mary Kate and Ashley taught us.

1. It’s okay to know what you want

2. Eat your feelings when necessary

3. Avril Lavinge is a completely reliable cited source

4. Always make sure your hair is on point in case of selfies

5. Funny faces fix any situation

6. Relationships are tricky

7. Dancing in your PJs is, like, the most fun

8. Feeling pretty boosts your confidence

9. Cookie addiction is a real thing

10. Never settle for less than true love

11. If you must drive, do so in a convertible you got for your sixteenth birthday

12. School is merely shrug-worthy

13. Don’t be afraid to flaunt what you’ve got

14. Hot guys may evoke speechlessness

15. Girls can do hip hop

16. Stay positive

17. Sisters make the best friends

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