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12 Signs You Watch Too Much ‘Law & Order: SVU’


As creepy and twisted as the plotlines can be, there’s no denying that Law & Order: SVU is one of the most addicting shows currently on the air. Whether you’ve been a fan since the Elliot Stabler days, or you began watching more recently, (we hope you started before Nick Amaro!) you’re probably hooked. Here are 12 signs you watch way too much Law and Order: SVU. How many can you relate to?

1. You can recite the show’s voice-over intro from memory

“…These are their stories.”

2. You routinely try to sing the instrumental theme song

“Dun DUN.”

3. You’ve played an SVU drinking game

Take a sip every time someone says, “We need a bus!”

4. Most of your friends think it’s a little weird how into crime shows you are

Except for your BFF, who totally gets it.

5. You’re always prepared for the worst…

Everyone is a suspect.

6. …But you’ve seen enough episodes to learn how to protect yourself

Always look behind you!

7. If you ever had to dispose of a body, you know how not to do it

Some criminals are such amateurs.

8. You want to be Olivia Benson when you grow up

Role model status.

9. You’ve watched episode after episode instead of going to bed at a decent hour

Just one more, you promise yourself as you hit 'play.'

10. You’ve canceled plans because a new episode is on


11. You know that many of your favorite stars got his or her start on SVU

And you love pointing out the more obscure guest stars.

12. It’s more than a show for you; it’s a way of life

SVU forever.

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