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17 Reasons Why Wine is Better Than Boys


It’s no secret that we pick a pair of shoes, a slice of pizza or our Netflix account over a guy, but here are just a few reasons why we wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with a glass of wine.

1. With wine, you can express your deepest emotions and most intimate desires.

2. You can sample as many different kinds of wine as you like without judgment.

3. Wine will always be there to comfort you after a bad day.

4. Red wine is good for your heart.

5. If your wine smells bad, you can send it back.

6. Wine can make you feel confident, sexy and invincible…

7. …but it also doesn’t mind if you feeling like having a good cry with it instead.

8. Wine will only give you a headache if you have too much of it.

9. You can share wine with your friends.

10. Wine always makes for a great dinner companion.

11. Wine can make you feel instantly classier…

12. …but it doesn’t necessarily have to cost you a lot to enjoy its company.

13. Wine knows just how to calm you down when you’re feeling anxious…

14. …and it isn’t a bad thing when wine puts you to sleep.

15. A good bottle of wine is not hard to find.

16. If you run out of wine, you can always go out and purchase more. 

17. Wine always gets better with age.

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