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5 Inspiring Photos from #ThePowerOfMakeup Movement


Here at the Beauty School Blog, we’re all about makeup and how we can use it to express ourselves. Many YouTube beauty gurus understand our obsession, and create beautiful makeup tutorials that allow us to have fun and experiment with cosmetics.

More recently, the talented Nikkie behind the YouTube channel NikkieTutorialsreleased a video entitled “The Power of MAKEUP!” in which she applies a glamorous makeup look to one side of her face, while leaving the other side completely makeup free. Nikkie aims to show us what a difference makeup can make, while her main hope is to show everyone that makeup is fun, and makeup lovers shouldn’t be ashamed because they enjoy wearing it. 

In honor of this movement, we’ve scoured social media for a few our favorite #ThePowerOfMakeup looks in response to Nikkie’s video.

1. Instagram: @MakeupMeJordyn

Freckles are beautiful—but having the ability to switch up your appearance in whatever way you want is power! Oh, and those eyeliner skills? They totally brighten up her eyes. 

2. Instagram: @Sokol_Rostov

The biggest difference between either side is definitely the lashes. We'll never underestimate the intense power of a good mascara and a set of falsies!

3. Instagram: @StephanieLangeMakeup

Once again, lashes dominate this look, in addition to her ***flawless complexion and fierce brows.

4. Instagram: @PrinnyDMakeup

Another incredible look at the difference lashes, eyeliner and prominent brows can make. 

5. Instagram: @jenlea14

To support such a worthy cause and join in on the fun, I created my own look. The biggest difference I noticed with my look is how much my foundation and contouring made a difference when it came to covering up acne and redness.

What are your favorite looks from #ThePowerOfMakeup movement? Have you created your own look?

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