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16 Thoughts During a Night Out, as Told by Fat Amy


It’s safe to say that Fat Amy just gets us! She understands how much we hate running, she says no to drugs and she knows how terrible it can be to waste a perfectly good burrito. There’s nothing this firecracker doesn’t get—what goes through our minds during a night out included. Here are 16 thoughts you’ve probably had while partying it up, as told by our favorite Barden Bella!  

1. Of course a pimple pops up today! Guess it could be worse!

2. I can never get this winged liner on fleek! At least I’m not completely hopeless, I guess.

3. Okay, I think I’ve finally downed enough pregrame drinks to make tonight bearable.

4. My feet already feel like someone has stabbed me in them 62 times! This is exactly why I don’t wear heels.

5. Let me counter the pain with shots for everyone on me! I can afford this…maybe! (Slaps card down)

6. Ugh, I’m definitely not drunk enough to handle this couple sloppily making out next to me.

7. Or this creeper who keeps hitting on me and slurring his words.

8. Maybe I need just one more shot…

9. But I’ve probably already had one too many!

10. Okay, who is that scrumptious piece of man candy and how can I stalk him immediately?!

11. Whoops! Let me play off tripping as if it was a dance move. Hope he didn't notice!

12. Why is every guy avoiding me like the plague? I've got killer moves to show off!

13. Whatever! I don’t need a man!  

14. Must we speed walk home like this? I’m wearing heels and I’m not Beyoncé, ya know! 

15. Made it back and I didn’t lose my phone, my wallet or my dignity!

16. Whew! I thought I’d never get to rip this horrid bra off!  

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