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How to Make an Adorable J.Crew-Inspired Tank


This article has been syndicated to Her Campus from Fashion in Flight by Ashleigh Jean Lopes, a Her Campus Blogger Network member. Read the full post here.

Nothing makes me happier than a good craft project. I found this super cute J.Crew tank top that was originally $118, on sale for $89.99. That seemed a little crazy for such a simple tank, and I knew I could recreate it for under $20—so I did! I ended up loving the finished product even more than the inspiration piece!

What you'll need: 

  • Tank Top w/ lining 
  • Large Sequins 
  • Small Sequins 
  • Large Seed Beads 
  • Small Seed Beads 
  • Needle & Thread
  • Pencil

Step 1:

Come up with a general shape for your flower. I used one large seed bead in the middle. For each petal, I used one large sequin, one small sequin and two small seed beads.

Step 2: 


Start marking the first few flowers. You'll want to only mark two or three at a time. Actually having the flowers sewn down changes where you imagine the next handful will go. You'll start by sewing down the center of the flower so keep this in mind as you start marking. 

Step 3: 

Start by stringing the center of the flower. If your tank has a lining, do not sew the lining down. Only sewing the flowers to the top piece will help the whole blouse look more professional and make it easier to clean. Plus, if you sew down the lining, you'll have trouble making it lay flat!

Step 4: 


Thread all of the beads for one petal onto the needle. I threaded the large sequin first, then the small sequin, followed by the two small seed beads. Make sure to thread all of your sequins "cup-side" up.

Step 5: 


Slide all of the beads to the base of the thread and hold them in place. Try to stick the needle as close to the center bead as possible. This step is where you're most likely to accidentally catch the lining so thread carefully.

Step 6:


Hold the flower tightly on the front side, then knot it down on the back. I make a small "stitch" and pull the thread until it's just a small loop. Then I pass the needle through the loop a few times to secure it. Pull tightly, then cut off the excess thread.

Read the full post on Fashion in Flight.

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