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11 Beauty Struggles We All Know Too Well


No one said that beauty routines would be easy, but at the same time, we didn’t expect them to be this hard. It doesn’t matter if we’re primping, polishing or plucking, we all constantly face beauty struggles in the pursuit of looking ***flawless. Here are 11 annoying things we deal with every day for the sake of beauty.

1. Chipped nail polish

We somehow manage to ruin our nails approximately 3 minutes after we do them. Every time.

2. Red lipstick on our teeth

Nothing says attractive like a red smudge on your pearly whites.

3. Hating our haircuts

Just counting the days until those locks grow out...

4. Running mascara

Goodbye flawless lashes, hello raccoon eyes!

5. Frizz

Some things just can’t be tamed.

6. Streaky, orange self-tanner

We went from Casper to Snooki with one bottle of lotion.

7. Cutting ourselves shaving

And being convinced we’re bleeding out.

8. Bikini waxes

Ouch. Just ouch.

9. Eyebrow plucking

There’s a fine line (as in, ONE hair) between perfectly shaped and way over-arched.

10. Failing at doing a cat eye

There goes 20 minutes and a whole bottle of makeup remover.

11.  Getting burned by our straightener/curling iron

Who decided holding a hot piece of metal next to our heads was a good idea?!

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