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17 Signs You Like Books More Than People


They’re comforting and transformative, and they're always there when you need them (literally). Books are more or less the best friends that you could have, and if you’re anything like us, you might be taking your love of reading a little too far… like, to-the-point-of-antisocial-behavior too far. Here are 17 telltale (pun intended) signs that you like books more than people.

1. You avoid awkward social interactions by digging your nose further into whatever you’re reading.

2. You tell your roommates you can’t go out tonight because you have “reading” to do.

3. Sometimes you catch yourself actually believing that you live in the world of whichever book you’re reading.

4. You only hang out with people based on your mutual love of Harry Potter fan fiction.

5. You write Harry Potter fan fiction.

5. You ask Katniss questions out loud, and then follow the advice you imagine her giving.

6. You’ve been known to make really obscure references to novels that nobody else understands… and you get irrationally angry when they don’t.

7. Instead of pictures of your family on your bedside table, you have a stack of novels so tall that you can’t see your roommate in the bed on the other side.

8. You have legitimate crushes on fictional characters.

9. The bookshelves in your house are so packed with books that you're running out of space for all of them…

10. ...and when you realize that you've kept every textbook you've ever bought just in case they come in handy sometime in the distant future, you begin to admit that you might have a problem. 

11. You tell people that Twilight was really dumb… but in reality you’ve read the entire trilogy four times (Team Jacob HOLLA at us).

12. It’s really annoying to you when people claim that they “love” a movie even though they’ve never read the book it came from. 

13. You refuse to engage in social activities because you only have 100 pages left and you HAVE to finish them IMMEDIATELY.

14. You wish your favorite characters were real because they would understand you so much better than the humans you interact with do.

15. It’s really hard for you to trust people who have never read The Great Gatsby.

16. You prefer to eat lunch by yourself if it means you get to read for 30 whole minutes in the middle of the day.

17. You have Googled “jobs where you can get paid to read books” or something similar.

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