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11 Things You Learn From Having a Sister


Even though life has many bumpy and unexpected moments, there’s one person you can always turn to for guidance: your sister. No matter what you’re going through, sisters just somehow know how to make it better. For some reason, they’re built in with the most important advice and knowledge that you just don’t have. There are so many things that we’ve all learned from our sisters, and here are just a few of them:

1. How to put on makeup

She’s the one that taught you that blue eyeshadow and bright lipstick will make you look like a crazy person.

2. How to sweet talk your parents

Depending on how well she does it, she either taught you exactly what to do or what not to do to get exactly what you want.

3. The true meaning of friendship

No matter what happens, she’s always got your back.

4. How to deal with boys

Breakups, hookups, deciphering cryptic texts…she knows it all, and she knows how to help you through it.

5. How to drink

She knows the most delicious mixed drink combos, and also taught you how to handle your liquor like a champ. Your sister is the one that will keep you from sounding like an idiot at the bar.


6. How to stay strong

No matter what she goes through, you’ve never seen her crack under pressure.

7. How to drive a car

Your first time behind the wheel most likely involved the two of you screaming as you tried to navigate a vehicle.

8. The importance of hearing the bitter truth

Your sister is always willing to give you advice without the sugar coating. It may be tough to swallow, but you’ll quickly find that she was right—and brutal honesty can save you from making many embarrassing or harmful mistakes.

9. How to laugh off the little things

Life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and having a sister shows you that there’s no need to make mountains out of molehills. She’s gotten through worse, so just laugh it off and move on.

10. How to share

You spend your life sharing clothes, rooms and cars, so you’re basically a pro at co-owning various material objects.

11. How to forgive and forget

Let’s face it; it’s never sunshine and rainbows 24/7 having a sister. You fight, scream and say some things that are pretty hurtful. But no matter what, you still love each other, and that bond makes it easy to forgive each other and forget what may have happened, which will only ever make the two of you stronger.

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