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5 Genius Ways to Organize Your Closet


De-cluttering and organizing your closet can be one of the most daunting tasks to complete. Your shopping addiction has finally caught up with you and your closet is now one shirt away from completely caving in. So, now what?

We’re all too familiar with the struggle—that’s why we’ve shared these amazing organization ideas that will make your life (and finding your favorite pair of jeans) a whole lot easier.

1. Add a garment rack if your room is big enough

Summer is finally here, meaning we’ve bombarded our closets with countless maxi dresses and lightweight cardigans for layered perfection. The problem? A tiny space we call our closet.  A garment rack, like this one from Target, ($18.99) is a great way to create extra room. You can even organize and hang outfits to wear for the week, nixing the use of your closet even for a small amount of time.

2. Hang multiple garments in one spot with soda can tabs

Create even more space for hangers by using the tabs from empty soda cans. Slide the tabs down the hangers, and voila! You can even use the tabs as an organization tool; if you have clothing of a similar style or color, keep them in one place with the help of these nifty tabs.

3. Organize shoes by creating a shelf on the bottom of your closet

Ms. Carrie Bradshaw had it easy when Big surprised her with the shoe closet of her (and our!) dreams. Our tip, while a little more down-to-earth, can create instant space in your closet and keep your prized possessions right where you can see them.

If you’re in a dorm and you can’t install a shelf directly into your wall, this shoe organizer ($29.99 from The Container Store) can be easily assembled to fit inside a small closet space. You can also use these stackable shoe bins ($9.99 from The Container Store) if spacing calls for it.

4. Use shower curtain hooks to organize your scarves on a hanger

With fall coming sooner than we might think, we need a little help organizing our favorite scarves. A quick and easy way to keep your favorites organized is by taking a few shower curtain hooks ($2.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond) and clipping them to your clothes hangers, as pictured above. Then, loop your scarves through the hooks, and you’re all set.

5. Hang wire baskets inside your closet to store clutches and small purses

Our accessories need love, too! Use a wire basket to store any small purses or accessories that you wouldn’t normally hang. If you’re on campus and are unable to drill holes into a wall, use an adhesive wall strip ($4.99 at The Container Store) with a hook to hang the basket.

Sometimes a mini-makeover is all a closet needs. Make even more room for your new, fabulous summer wardrobe with these lifesaving ideas. Have any tips on how you keep your closet organized? Let us know in the comments below! 

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