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14 Reasons We Have a Love-Hate Relationship With Our Bras


As if it isn’t hard enough being a woman already, we just had to have breasts. And with breasts come a slew of problems all caused by one thing: a bra! Sure, bras come in handy most of the time, but there's still a lot to grumble about when it comes to these expensive suckers. Whether they have our back (literally) or they’re stabbing us in the back (read: chest), we've clearly got a love-hate relationship going on with our bras.

1. We do love that our bras are good for holding more than just breasts.

Say hello to extra storage space!

2. Then again, there are just some things we don’t want hiding in there.

We’ve all had a fry or two miss our mouths.

3. Just like a good friend, bras can lift us up.

They aren’t going to push themselves up, right?

4. But they become our sworn enemies once that pesky underwire breaks free.

It’s enough to trigger our inner-Hulk.

5. We'll never forget how mature we felt when Mom bought us that first bra.

No training bra = womanhood!

6. But how we swell with jealousy and rage at the thought that boys aren’t subjected to this misery.

Makes you want their face to meet your fist.

7. A great bra is definitely a confidence booster.

Next stop: Victoria's Secret runway.

8. Still, that inevitable struggle to take it off is so not worth it.

The clasp is on the back, for crying out loud! 

9. Then again, there’s that unexplainably freeing feeling when you finally take off that booby trap.

Instant liberation!

10. And we just love it when we find the perfect bra.

Cute and comfortable? Score!

11. But the majority of the time, that is NOT the case.

What do you mean you're out of 34Cs?! I guess my life is over.

12. We appreciate when our bras pick up the slack.

Sometimes all you need is a little extra padding.

13. But then there’s always the possibility that…

Maybe we shouldn't even talk about it.

14. Most of all, bras are just way too uncomfortable

All we do is adjust them, all the live long day.

So it's true: our bras do fix a few problems (like avoiding any nip-slip fiascos), and they also cause us a good amount of grief. But love 'em or hate 'em, we can't live without 'em.

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