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11 Things We Expect From the 'Mean Girls' App


Watch out Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, word on the street is that Regina George is on her way to the App Store and we hear she’s a life ruiner. She ruins people’s lives.

Pocket Gems is bringing the iconic movie that we all know and love to quote right to our mobile devices (Four for you Pocket Gems, you go Pocket Gems). The free-to-play mobile app will be available later this year. Unfortunately, though, you won’t get to watch The Plastics'“Jingle Bell Rock” performance or share your feelings with Ms. Norbury and your peers in the gym because the game actually picks up where the movie left off. The game’s spokesman, Jameel Khalfan, says that, "What clothing you are wearing, what you do, the characters that you talk to—every choice you make will affect what happens in the story.” If you are a fan of the movie, you will already know the choices to make to get on Regina’s good side and be able to sit with The Plastics at lunch.

The screenwriter behind Legally Blonde and 10 Things I Hate About You, Kirsten Smith, will be writing the storyline for the game. With those kind of credits under her belt, we have no doubt that she will be able to capture Mean Girls in all of its 2004 glory.

While we are sure that Smith is more than capable of writing a “grool” storyline. If she ever has a bit of writer’s block, we definitely have some suggestions of our own.

1. The ability to make fetch happen

It’s been 11 years, can we at least try to make it happen for Gretchen’s sake?

2. The chance to let out our frustrations in the Burn Book

We have a lot of pent up feelings about our roommate not washing the dishes, okay?

3. The ability to go shopping with Regina

We don’t appreciate her calling us losers, but her ’00s fashion sense was on point and we don’t want our character’s skirt to visually displease the queen.

4. Being able to choose who to sit with at lunch

Even though we all know there is only one right choice.

5. The chance to perform in a Winter Talent Show

Because outshining The Plastics'“Jingle Bell Rock” choreography at a talent show has been an unfulfilled goal since 2004.

6. The opportunity to meet Regina’s “cool mom”

We also wouldn’t mind jamming to “Milkshake” with her little sister.

7. We would like to meet Glen Coco

One of the most memorable teen movie characters and we have never even seen him. Unacceptable.

8. Attend at least one Halloween party

Maybe Smith will pay homage to Legally Blonde and we will have the ability to go dressed as a bunny like Elle (but probably not because Regina might just have a problem with that).

9. The ability to tell Aaron Samuels what day it is

Because our friends and family don’t quite seem to understand the significance of us telling them what day it is on October 3rd every year.

10. The opportunity to see if we would survive a three-way calling attack

Except, we might opt for Skype instead.

11. And of course, the ability to change our character’s outfit every Wednesday in order to abide by one of The Plastics' most sacred rules

As if pink isn’t already our go-to Wednesday color.

Get in collegiettes, we’re going to the App Store.

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