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10 Times the Olsen Twins Won the Beauty Game


Any girl who grew up in the '90s went through some kind of Mary-Kate & Ashley obsession, which of course included copying their signature looks. Now our favorite stylish twins are all grown up, running a successful fashion brand and looking better than ever. To celebrate their birthday, we’ve made a list of the 10 best Olsen beauty looks of all time!

1. Chokers & butterfly clips  

Ah, the '90s. If you didn’t own these two fashion staples, you know you were begging your mom to take you to Claire’s to get them. And this look wouldn’t be complete without Lip Smacker’s lip gloss, of course!

2. Straight & sleek hair

As Mary-Kate and Ashley moved into their early teens, they ditched the butterfly clips for a straightener. The smoky eye makeup gave them a more mature look as they continued their acting careers. 

3. Boho-chic

What girl didn’t own a babydoll top at one point? Embracing their natural hair, the Olsen twins rocked the beachy waves, which of course made us all wanted to curl our hair too.

4. Redhead ready

While Ashley opted to stay blonde, Mary-Kate drastically changed her look when she dyed her hair in the early 2000s. Still rocking the dramatic eyes, both twins started to define their individual looks as up and coming fashion icons.

5. Natural & bold

The Olsen twins showed us that natural and bold makeup can both be fashion forward! No matter what look we wanted to try, we knew we could look to Mary-Kate and Ashley.

6. Blonde & modern

With both twins back to blonde, their style turned more modern and sleek, which is how we know them today. Their understated makeup made their fashionable outfits stand out that much more. We never considered buying a coat THIS dramatic until this picture was taken.

7. Simply stylish

In the midst of their fashion careers, the Olsen twins simplified their style. The classic makeup and hair above is perfect for an everyday look. If only we could make a plain white button down look so trendy.

8. Red carpet ready

If there's one thing the Olsen twins are good at, it's making an entrance. In these fabulous gowns, both Mary-Kate and Ashley exude confidence as successful fashion designers.

9. No makeup, no problem

Even sans makeup, the Olsen twins are stunning, proving that you don’t need to be dolled up to be beautiful. Plus, we had an excuse to throw our hair up in a messy bun, thanks to Mary-Kate.

10. Forever fasionable

The Olsen twins didn’t disappoint this year at the Met Gala with their dramatic makeup and all black ensembles. Their ever-changing looks continue to inspire us to try new beauty trends, no matter what they are!

What’s your favorite Olsen look, collegiettes? 

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