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11 Things Every Bi Girl is Sick of Hearing


We know that when it comes to talking about sexual identity, our friends mean well. And as open to discussion as we are, there are those little comments we hear all too often that can get pretty annoying. Here’s what you should never say to a bi girl—because trust us, she’s sick of hearing these things!

1. “Which do you like better?”

Because comparing apples and oranges totally makes sense, right?

2. “You’re so lucky you have double the options!”

*Insert eye roll here*

3. “Do you have a lot of threesomes?”

I mean, really?

4. “Are you sure you aren’t just a lesbian?”

Why do we need a preference?

5. “I don’t believe in people being bisexual.”

If only we had a dollar for every time we’ve heard that one!

6. “Do you just want to sleep with everyone?”

Yes, and you must want to sleep with exactly half of the population.

7. “You’ll grow out of this.”

This isn’t the same as being a Jonas Brothers fan!

8. “Guys are so annoying; I wish I could date girls too!”

Right, because we DECIDED to date girls for that reason. Okay.

9. “I bet I can change your mind.”

*Amanda Bynes voice*

10. “But when it comes down to it, who would you marry?”

…Harry Styles…or Emma Stone…

11. “Can I watch?”

Some people just never grow up.

Just remember, the next time you’re around your bi friends, be respectful! Sure, they don’t mind people asking the average question, but if you ask them one more time who they would marry, they might just explode.


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