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5 Braids to Try This Summer (No Matter How Long Your Hair Is!)


Whether you’re hitting the beach or going to a barbeque, braids are a great way to keep cool and look stylish. No matter what your hair length, with the right tools and a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to rock the braided look all summer long!

Tools you’ll need for any braid:

  • A brush
  • Small, clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair spray
  • Finishing cream (optional)
  • Curling iron (optional)
  • Straightener (optional)

1. Mermaid Half Braid

This easy-level braid is great for medium to long hair—we'd wear this look to dinner with family or friends. Start by straightening your hair (for that super sleek look) and comb all your hair to the back of your head, creating a middle part. Separate 2 small strands of hair from one side of your head and another from the opposite side (you should have three strands total). Continue as if you were French braiding, pulling small amounts of hair each time. Don’t pull too tight or you’ll lose the soft, drape effect. Once you get midway down your hair, braid the rest normally and secure with an elastic. Finish with hairspray and you’re good to go!

2. Short-Haired Braid Crown

Just because you cut your hair to a stylish bob doesn’t mean you can’t still braid it! For this braid, you’re going to need a curling iron (unless you have naturally wavy hair) and finishing cream to add a little extra texture. After working the texturing cream from root to tip, clip up the front section of your hair (you’ll be braiding this) and tightly “roll” the rest of your hair and pin it to the back of your head. Split your front section of hair diagonally into two, regularly braiding the top section first. Secure it with an elastic and bobby pin it with the rest of your hair. Do the same with the second sub-section. Pin any fly away pieces, finish with hair spray and go hit the beach!

3. Top Braid with Pony Tail

This braid keeps your hair off your face and neck during those hot summer days but is more interesting than the classic ponytail. It’s also a great look if you’re working with second-day hair with no time to shower! Start by teasing the top part of your hair where you want your French braid to be. Apply some finishing cream or hair spray to smooth down fly-aways. French braid that top section of your hair by separating three strands of hair and pulling more from each side as you go. Make the strands thicker for a fuller look. Once you reach the back your head, secure the braid with bobby pins. Pull the rest of your hair up in a ponytail.

4. Triple Braid Buns

Perfect for when you’re running late to your internship, these triple braid buns are quick and easy, yet look polished and stylish. Start by separating all your hair into three big sections. Regularly braid all three sections, tying each with an elastic. Gently pull each braid loose to make them fuller. Then, starting with an outside braid first, twist your braids into small buns and secure with bobby pins. Add hairspray to ensure your look stays all day long. 

5. Half Fishtail Up-Do

No matter whether you have short or long hair, anyone can do this classic fishtail braid with a twist! Part your hair in the middle and separate the two front sections of your hair. On one side, you’re going to do a French-fishtail braid. To do this, take two small strands of hair and cross them to make an “x,” pulling new hair from each side as you work your way down. Once you reach your ear, finish with a regular fishtail braid (just crisscross the hair you have, without taking new strands each time). Tie with an elastic and secure with bobby pins to the back of your head. On the other side of your head, divide the section into two smaller sections and regularly fishtail braid each. End each braid with an elastic and secure with bobby pins. Curl the remaining part of your hair and finish with hairspray!

No matter what braid you try, just remember that practice makes perfect! Which braid will you rock this summer, collegiettes?   

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