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20 Looks Your Best Friend Knows Too Well


Thank goodness for besties. Who else would share their clothes, dance the night away or binge-watch Netflix with us? We love our best friends, mostly because they know us better than anyone else (and won’t judge us for eating a whole jar of Nutella). Your bestie just gets you, so much so that you two don’t even need to speak (don't need, but certainly want!). Sometimes one look just says it all.

1. That look when you see your crush at a party and need her help to be cool:

2. Or when someone creepy is hitting on you and you need to be rescued:

3. When your favorite song comes on in the bar:

4. And then when she suggests late night pizza:

5. If you live with her, you know the look you give when it's her turn to wash the dishes:

6. Or when you realize that you both bought the same dress at the mall:

7. When you’re bored in class, you know you can shoot her this look from across the room:

8. She's an expert at recognizing your post-all-nighter look:

9. Your bestie knows you have a secret to spill when she sees this:

10. Or when you absolutely hate her outfit:

11. She can tell when you’ve messed up:

12. And you hate it when you know she’s right:

13. Some nights you’re down to go out:

14. But she also understands when you want to stay in:

15. You can’t help giving her this look when she texts her ex:

16. But you’re totally pumped when she tells you she hooked up with her crush:

17. Everyone can tell when you two have an inside joke:

18. Or when you’re sending her a Snap Chat:

19. Sometimes she can get on your nerves:

20. But at the end of the day, you’re so thankful to have her in your life. 

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