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9 Things All Summer-School Students Understand


While your friends are working their summer internships or studying abroad, you’ve found yourself back on campus taking summer classes. Campus has a different vibe during the summer that only summer-school students understand. From empty bars to busy classes, here are nine things summer school students experience during the not-so-normal semester.

1. Having to deal with freshmen who are new on campus and think they own the place.

2. Not having to worry about long wait times for the elliptical at the gym or finding a seat in the dining hall because campus is basically dead.

3. Feeling like the clock has actually stopped ticking while sitting through a three-hour lecture.

4. The total agony of realizing that you have a 10-page paper due... the first week of class.

5. Your favorite coffee place on campus being closed for summer, forcing you to brew your own in the morning, which is one of the biggest struggles of all.

6. Your friends on campus always having an open invitation to lie out and day-drink after class.

7. Not having to wait in line for happy hour at the bars.

8. Going out hoping to meet some new, cute guys only to realize that it’s the same frat boys as last week.

9. Not having to worry about the cops being out to get you because parties are a lot more laid-back and tame. 

The struggle is real when you’re stuck on campus all summer, but just remember that taking a summer semester can be a great way to get ahead in your major, even if it isn’t the most fun way to spend your break. Good luck this semester, summer-school collegiettes!

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