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11 Reasons Why High School Graduation is the Best Thing to Happen to You


For those of us who revel in the Friday night football games, homecoming dances and special bonds that high school gives us, we can all agree that leaving behind our hometown turf and moving to college is a scary thought. But we can also likely agree that it is going to be the best thing to ever happen to us. 

Check out these 11 reasons why college is totally, undeniably and absolutely awesome.

1. You can schedule classes so that sleeping in every day is totally doable 

A huge plus of college is the fact that you get to choose to take classes you’re actually interested in – and at times convenient to you. 

Rachel Petty, a sophomore at James Madison University, prefers college to high school because you can decide when you have to attend class. “Being able to choose classes whenever you want is awesome because you have more time to sleep in, go to the gym or participate in clubs and activities,” she says.  

Don’t want to drag yourself to class until noon? Want to be done by 2 p.m.? No problem. 

2. Everything food-related is significantly better in college 

Better food selection. Multiple food halls and meal plans to choose from. The fact that your parents aren’t there to tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat. Ice cream for breakfast. Cereal for dinner. Okay, you get it. 

Rachel Spenik, a sophomore at John Carroll University, says, “There are so many healthy alternatives available to you at college. And they can be just as delicious, especially if you know how to create great dishes from fresh, natural ingredients.”

While most colleges are either made up of a student body that loves to complain about its university’s food or that simply can’t get enough of it (hello, freshman 15), it’s safe to say that you are definitely going to love what seems like free food at almost any hour of the day.

3. Popularity is a thing of the past 

In high school, it’s no secret that the popular girls ruled the school. But in college, you’re cool if you’re just... you. 

“[In college] there is no ‘popular group’ or ‘theater people’ or any other high school stereotypes,” says Anjelique Kyriakos, a senior at Elon University. “I think that has been my favorite part of going from high school to college.”

Come college, you can finally say goodbye to the stereotypes that have been following you like a shadow since those awkward days of middle school (it was a tough time, we know).  

4. You’re constantly surrounded by your besties

In high school, you see your friends in the halls, at lunch and maybe after school. In college, your friends are available to you 24/7 and are at most just a couple minutes away (the perks of dorm life!). 

“It's awesome to live so close to all your friends because if you're in a bad mood, people are right there to cheer you up!” says Rachel P. “It's easy to communicate and meet up with friends to make plans.” 

Plus, this means there’s always someone to watch your favorite TV shows with at night (and someone to talk you into ordering Chinese food for the third time in a week). 

5. You can say goodbye to being “that freshman” 

It’s the first day of high school. You ask scary-looking upperclassmen for directions to your biology class, and they point you in the direction of the English wing. You naively start walking, only to hear the snickers behind you. 

“Ha. Stupid freshman.” 

If this has never happened to you, count yourself lucky. If this did happen to you (multiple times? Don’t worry, we’ve been there, too), look forward to a much more mature, helpful and kind student body in college. 

“The boundaries that typically confine you to one group or age in high school no longer exist,” says Anjelique. “I couldn't imagine going from the top of the school all the way back to the bottom of the totem pole... but that is the great thing about college. There is no top or bottom; it is just a matter of finding a place where you fit in. [Labels like] ‘freshman,’ ‘sophomore,’ ‘junior,’ ‘senior’ become nearly irrelevant.” 

Counting down the days until high school graduation? We don’t blame you. 

6. You’ll make friends that will last a lifetime -- and it’s easier than you would think

College is a time when you meet some extraordinary people you’ll want to keep in your life forever. After all, everyone says college is where you meet your future bridesmaids (but don’t panic if you don’t!). 

“College is the best thing to have ever happened to me because you're constantly meeting and bonding with people you wouldn't necessarily have interacted with in any other setting,” says Iris Goldsztajn, a junior at UCLA. “I have really close friends from all parts of campus and still make new ones as a junior.”

Making such close friends is actually pretty easy. Kasia Jaworski, a senior at Villanova University, suggests getting involved on campus. “I know when I was graduating [high school], I was so fearful that I wouldn't find a good group of girl friends in college. But once I got to college and started getting involved with activities, I found it was really easy to make friends!” she says. 

“I think it's important to get involved in different clubs and activities early freshman year because that's how you get to know people. And who knows? You might become lifelong friends with them!” she adds. 

Some of the best ways to make a solid group of friends include joining clubs and groups (think spirit and activity-planning groups that can really get you involved on campus), joining a sorority or simply getting to know the people who live on your floor.  

7. There are so many free things, it’s ridiculous 

One of the best things about college is the amount of free stuff you get. Whether it’s a free shirt for an organization’s awareness campaign or free food meant to entice you to go to (and actually stay at) a campus event, the amount of university Frisbees, water bottles, bumper stickers and T-shirts you will compile by the end of your four years is slightly concerning. But totally awesome.

“My school used food trucks at campus events and during finals week this year,” says Rachel S. “It was great because everything was free and it was a nice alternative to getting free stuff that ends up just being clutter in your dorm.”

While the number of freebies doesn’t exactly make up for the thousands and thousands of dollars you’re paying for tuition, it’s a step. Be sure to keep up with the plethora of Facebook invites you’ll be getting for on campus activities, and keep an eye out for the word “free!”

8. Campus life is basically a constant party 

If you’ve seen Pitch Perfect, House Bunny or Greek (admit it: you loved it), you know that there’s never a dull moment in campus life.

Okay, college might not be exactly how it’s portrayed in the but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the ability to make it almost as exciting. “College life is awesome because there's always an event, party or something going on to keep you entertained,” says Rachel P.  

Whether it’s an activity fair on the quad for you to peruse or a big sporting event, there’s almost always something for you to do on campus. Campus fliers, Facebook invites, announcements on your university’s social media pages or radio/TV show and word of mouth among students are great ways to keep up with the fun events happening on campus.

9. Questionable things happen that you will just learn to accept (and totally take part in)

College is all about being spontaneous. 

“I love that you can do stupid things like go out on a Tuesday night or go on a spontaneous hike and still make school and whatever you're involved in a priority,” says Iris. 

So if you see someone hauling hundreds of water balloons up to her dorm room, just smile and remember—it’s college. 

10. You can finally put to use those random outfit pieces you thought you’d never wear again 

Yes, you will use your bright neon spandex, your nerd glasses and that one cheetah-print crop top you’ve been hiding from your mother’s sight for the past three years. 

Two words: Themed parties. College is full of them, and they are the only times of the year you can justifydressing like it’s Halloween when it’s not. 

11. You can do (almost) anything on the quad

Tanning in a bikini. Slack lining. Taking way too many selfies. Pulling out the Slip ‘n’ Slide. Streaking (not suggested).  The quad is the college go-to for everything from your casual hangout to your most ridiculous collegiate stunts. 

“I literally saw two students out on our school quad running around with nets trying to catch a squirrel,” says Rachel S. “It was the weirdest thing ever.”

It’s where you make college memories worthy of scrapbooking (so be sure to take lots of pictures!) and it’s where you get to meet the eccentric, unique individuals that make your campus so fun. 

Sure, high school gives you four years of fond memories, but college will give you so much more. Once you experience the craziness that college has to offer, you’ll realize that these four years are going to be the best of your life.

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