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11 Moments We Never Have to Fear with This Unstainable White Shirt


Such fear surrounds white clothing. While beautiful and pristine in most scenarios, the danger that comes with wearing a white shirt in particular is real. Even though you try so hard all day to keep it clean, it somehow acts as a magnet, pulling all things messy and stain-rendering toward itself. Elizabeth & Clarke felt our pain, so they created an unstainable white shirt that will make your every worry vanish. This modern marvel has us thinking of all the moments we no longer have to dread while wearing white.

1. Wearing red lipstick

A red lip is bold, but it also has the tendency to rub off on everything from our teeth to our clothes. Now, you can rock that rouge with the vivacity of T. Swift herself.

2. Drinking coffee while multitasking

Driving, typing, or working while drinking coffee is a huge risk, but so worth it. We might still get burned, but our shirt will conceal the evidence. Problem solved!

3. Makeup mishaps

It seems like every time we wear a white shirt makeup ends up on the collar. You don’t have to worry about that dead giveaway anymore, and your friends will be wondering if you’re even wearing so much as concealer.

4. Enjoying a condiment-heavy lunch

Ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce—the world of condiments is at your fingertips!

5. Unknowingly dropping a greasy French fry

We’ve all had that moment where we drop a greasy fry, only to discover where it landed once it’s left a nasty mark on our clothes. Eat fries with reckless abandon and never look back!

6. Using an often traitorous ink pen

Put your pencils away and take a walk on the wild side.

7. Wearing a brand new (unwashed) pair of jeans

There’s a warning label that comes on new denim compelling you to wash before wearing. If you’ve haphazardly broken the rule, you’ve probably seen blue marks rubbed all over your other clothing. At least your shirt will be safe, but we can’t make any promises about anything else.

8. Downing a bottle of red

The sweet satisfaction of never having to worry about getting a wine stain out of your shirt makes drinking that much more fun.

9. Sliding into first

You likely won’t be playing baseball any time soon, but grass stains are an actual struggle for those who like to spend their time outdoors during the summer.

10. Succumbing to a chocolate addiction

We can’t live without chocolate, and guess what? We don’t have to!

11. Casually sweating

This is the ultimate test of the unstainable shirt’s strength. If it can prevent those (ugh) armpit marks, we’re sold!

What newfound freedom would an unstainable white shirt give you, collegiettes? 

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