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7 Colleges You Should Follow on Pinterest


The Internet can be extremely overwhelming when you’re researching colleges. Lucky for you, Pinterest can show you a university’s traditions, student activities and pictures that you can’t always acquire from a Google search. So take a break from fancy nail art ideas and delicious dessert recipes and use Pinterest to help you with your college search! These seven universities have established great Pinterest pages (listed in no particular order) that are definitely worth checking out.

1. University of Michigan

Loaded with eye-catching university statistics (#12 of the world's top 100 universities forproducing millionaires?!), beautiful pictures and information on the school’s most popular majors, the University of Michigan’s Pinterest board does a great job displaying need-to-know facts about the school.

In addition to the informational boards, there are super fun sections that show how much school pride the student body has (go Wolverines!). The Student Life board shows everything from students walking through the snow to a Harry-Potter-themed dinner on the North Quad. And the adorable Future Wolverines board full of babies dressed in Michigan apparel? Probably the cutest thing we’ve ever seen.

2. Indiana University

As if their huge follower count didn’t give it away already, Indiana University definitely knows how to use Pinterest! This page has 14 boards that focus heavily on student life, including a board that keeps current students and prospective pupils updated on school events. One especially cool board on IU’s Pinterest page is its IU Around the World board, which shows IU students all over the globe sporting their school apparel. Talk about school spirit!

3. Texas A&M University

Within the first few seconds of looking at Texas A&M’s page, you get an overwhelming sense of school pride. Their description even says, “We are the Aggies, the Aggies are We! Gig’em!” Almost every board includes “Aggie” in the title (in case you were as confused as we were, “Aggie” is the university’s fun name for a Texas A&M student). This Pinterest account strays away from basic information and focuses on the fun aspects of the university. It features boards on Aggie wedding planning, Aggie pets, Aggie tailgates and Aggie traditions.

4. University of Mississippi

Like Texas A&M, Ole Miss’s page focuses mostly on the more unique attributes of the school rather than information. Boards include Tailgating Treats, a fun board of recipes to enhance your tailgate experiences, and Ole Miss at Home, featuring ways to decorate your home Ole-Miss-style, with everything from aprons to iPhone cases.  

The University of Mississippi’s page is unique because it includes boards not just for Ole Miss students, but also for college kids in general. Dorm decorating tips, a holiday gift guide and the Just for Laughs section are a few good boards that are perfect for any collegiette, and sections like Happy Fall, Y’all and Southern Sayings appeal to the southern collegiettes at Ole Miss.

5. Drake University

If you didn’t know about Drake before, its Pinterest page will show you all of the ins and outs of the university (and adorable bull dog pictures!). Besides pictures of the Drake mascot, the school posts tons of pictures of the campus and study abroad programs. There are also fun recipes in case you run out of “Bulldog Bucks.” Drake does a great job of keeping students and non-students alike well informed about every aspect of the university. The Pinterest even has a board called Well said, which includes motivational quotes.

6. Dickinson College

This Pinterest page has boards specifically geared towards events and happenings within the school, but it also has boards that are helpful to college students everywhere. One especially notable board, Dickinson Love Stories, features relationships that blossomed (and lasted!) at Dickinson (what collegiette doesn’t enjoy a good love story?). Dickinson’s Pinterest account also includes unique tips for all things relating to college life, like how to battle a cold during flu season. This Pinterest account is perfect for anyone who wants more information about Dickinson or just general college life advice!

7. Oberlin College

Oberlin’s curriculum is a unique blend of arts, sciences and music, and its Pinterest page is no different. Obie Creations is a board demonstrating the creativity of the university, ranging from art done throughout the years to video clips of performances. Oberlin’s boards help you learn all about the surrounding town (including beautiful pictures of all four seasons!), events and student life. Looking for something a little funky? The OberStyle section is great for prospective students who want insight on how Oberlin kids dress!


While many universities are on Pinterest, these seven do an excellent job showing off their campuses and traditions. Next time you’re spending some surfing the Internet for college information, check out these pages! Even if you don’t want to go to these schools, you’ll still find adorable pictures of mascots. It’s a win-win!

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