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14 Things to Be Grateful for in College


1. The friend proximity. All of your closest friends are no more than a five-minute walk away, which means plenty of impromptu hangouts, late-night shenanigans and separation anxiety issues when you graduate.

2. Office hours. This is literally a time set aside for your professor to give you personalized help when you’re struggling with homework. There are no office hours with your boss in the real world, just a lot of struggling on your own (think about that the next time you claim to “hate” a professor or TA).

3. The drinking culture. For some reason, it’s more acceptable to binge drink in college, so embrace your short time of living below societal expectations. Because once you graduate, what was once called a “crazy weekend” will be classified as alcoholism.

4. The lower standard of cleanliness.“I haven’t showered because it’s finals week” and “I haven’t done laundry in three weeks because I hate doing laundry” are not legitimate excuses in the real world.

5. Late-night snacking. Feel free to order food at 3 a.m. in college without fear of judgment. Not only are local restaurants expecting your call, your friends are totally down to split that king-sized pizza with you (they even have the delivery number on speed dial).

6. Opportunities to experiment. College is the perfect time to pick up a new skill or hobby because you’re surrounded by a ton of resources and people who are adventurous as you are. We’re invincible in our late teens and early 20s for a reason, right?

7. Dining halls. Food seems so much cheaper when you swipe your ID instead of a credit card.

8. College classes. Screwed up big time on a quiz? You can drop it. Screwed up big time on a final exam? You can retake the class. Screwed up big time at your job? Hello, unemployment.

9. School spirit. You don’t need to justify why you painted your whole body in 30-degree weather—this is the biggest game of the season and you’ll be darned if you let something as insignificant as frostbite stop you from showing a little skin and a lot of pride.

10. The acquaintance bubble. Though you don’t know your entire student body, you’re still reassured by the unfamiliar faces since you share dozens of mutual friends with them on Facebook. In the real world, the new faces you meet will be complete strangers (creepy, right?).

11. Constant entertainment. You don’t know what bored means until you sit at home after a nine-to-five job, hours away from all your friends. College campuses are always hosting shows and events and are often located in the heart of bustling cities with plenty to do.

12. Student discounts. Clothes, food, attractions and everything else good in life are more expensive as an “adult.” As if you have tons of money to spare after graduating (what are student loans?).

13. Your education. As stressful as finals may be, remember that you're incredibly lucky to be able to go to college. A small percentage of the world has the honor of being a college graduate, so study hard and make the most of your time in school.

14. The perfect mix of “adult” and “kid” life. In college, you're old enough to enjoy the perks of being an adult, such as independence and actively pursuing your goals. Yet you're still young enough that you don’t have to worry about the boring stuff like health insurance and home ownership. Enjoy it while it lasts, collegiettes!

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